Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning Day

Well today was a bummer day - it was cold and windy (I mean really windy - gusts up to 30 miles per hour) - the high today was only 52 and with the wind - it was just nasty. Dan didn't even go out and build a fire - so you know the weather was rotten!!!

I spent most of the day cleaning house - I rearranged some stuff in the kitchen cabinets - everything gets turned over and messed up when we are on the road - bumpy roads play havoc on the organization. We even had to get out and find a place to throw away our garbage. Where we are staying doesn't have a garbage pickup place so we had to find a dumpster - luckily there is a state park just down the road (about 5 miles) and they had a dumpster. I'm not sure if we were suppose to use it - but it was better than littering - right???

I really don't have anything else to report - we didn't go out except to find a place for the garbage - hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow - it did rain hard last night and then the wind today - just not a good day for much of anything - The pups didn't even want to go outside. Oh well - tomorrow is another day.

Cara, thanks for the comment the other day - I just read it this morning - in answer to your question we are right off I-80 - so we are north and a little east of Greencastle. It is really pretty up here - every day it seems like the trees are getting more and more color (what the wind hasn't blown off today!). Dana - good luck with the hair color - I sure hope it doesn't turn out like the tree, but I have faith in Cori.

Dennis - those falling prices will get you every time - so watch out!

I'm done for today- take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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