Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dowling Park

Good evening all - well, we finally made it to Dowling Park and have set up the 'house' for the next week. We have Doctor's appointments next week, and until then I am just going to take it easy - we have worked hard the last couple of days and I think we deserve a little rest.

Now, I say I'm going to rest - that doesn't mean I won't be doing cooking, cleaning and laundry - but that is just the regular stuff. I mean I won't be moving stuff from one 'house' to another. It will be nice to sit and look through the magazines that have accumulated at my friends house for 4 months and to decide what I want to use to decorate the new 'house' with.

Dan does have a little work to do in the next week or so - we want to install a shelf above the washer/dryer to keep the laundry stuff on as well as other cleaning supplies and we also want to put a couple of shelves in the pantry to double the storage space in the pantry for cans. We will work on that this week also (that way I will be able to empty the "pantry" that was in the basement. It will be nice to have everything right in the house with easy access and be able to actually tell what I have.

Since we did not get in today as early as I originally had hoped I did not get the pictures taken, but I will do them tomorrow and have them on the blog tomorrow night - I'll also answer the questions of why we chose a new 5th wheel instead of possibly a motor coach. I'll also balance the check book and pay a couple of bills tomorrow.

Looks like I will be busy after all - so I think I'll sign off for tonight. Thanks for staying with us and things should get more interesting in the next day or so.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Well I am taking next Thursday off...I finally have a job interview at LRMC, not OR, but at least it will get my foot in the door! Although it's just an interview and I don't want to get too's the first step!


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