Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's been a while since I have blogged, but I have a really good excuse. We left New York on Wednesday. We made really good time and finally stopped in southern West Virginia at Wal Mart and boon docked for the night. Dan woke me up at 4:30 Thursday morning and we were on the road at 4:51 (when your boon docking you don't have to worry about making coffee!) Anyway, we set off and made it into the state park (Hard Labor Creek State Park) by the middle of the afternoon on Thursday.

So, you might ask, why has it been four days since I have blogged? Well, would you believe that there was absolutely NO cell phone or air card service at the park - who would believe that a state park just outside Atlanta would not have cell phone or air card service. Anyway, we did go into Loganville and saw Mom Thursday evening for a couple of hours - then we went to Wal Mart and stocked up on a few groceries. Friday we went back in to see Mom and had dinner with her then we spent about 3 hours showing her all the pictures from the trip on my computer (so no time to blog then either - we didn't leave her house until almost 10 and Dan was not in the mood to let me blog and be any later getting home!)

Last night we met Crystal and Kim at a restaurant in Livonia for dinner - it was closer to met out on Interstate 20 then it was to go all the way into Atlanta (we were about 60 miles from the connector in Atlanta). We had a nice dinner and a nice visit. I really wanted Dan to see the loft, but we just didn't have the time on this trip. We'll have to do that next time we are up near Atlanta. We'll have to make a trip into town when we are up at Unicoi in the spring. (Plus it will give the girls time to finish putting everything away and getting things settled.)

We left Hard Labor Creek this morning and got into the KOA in Lake Park this afternoon. Once again you might ask why we are staying at a KOA in Lake Park when Dowling Park is only about 45 minutes down the road? Well, it really is a simple answer - we bought a new unit and will take delivery on it tomorrow. Okay, I can hear some members of our family jaws hitting the floor. We bought another Montana 5th wheel - just a little longer and it has four slides instead of two. It will give us so much more room - plus I get a larger refrigerator (double door) and a larger pantry (practically a whole wall) and a WASHER AND DRYER in the unit (YAHOO!!!!) and Dan gets a large screen TV in the living room. Oh, I also get a desk area so I won't be sitting at the dining room table all the time when I'm on the computer. We are really excited about getting the new unit - and I am so proud of us that we hadn't told anyone until yesterday.

We will be spending tomorrow and Tuesday moving everything from this unit to the new one and then we will move down to Dowling Park on Tuesday afternoon. I'll take pictures of the new unit and post them on the blog tomorrow.

Well, I am going to sign off for tonight - we are glad to be back in Florida and look forward to seeing our other three daughters next week.

I'll explain more about why we chose to buy a new unit and why we decided to stay with a 5th wheel in the next couple of days.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. I was going make a smart statement about how much money you made this summer, but being an RV owner, I know you don't have to have money to get a new RV. You just have to live long enough to pay it off. It's exciting to move into a new unit, especially if it has more room. Congratulations on your new purchase. Drive safely.

  2. nice seeing you on saturday. sort of wish the moose would've talked while we there.

  3. You just never know about moose - sometimes they talk and sometimes they don't! Maybe next time! Love you!

  4. It was a nice surprise that ya'll will be down Thursday! There is a button under the box on the gate to get in! Do you need me to leave the key out for ya to get in the shop? And after I picked my mouth up off the floor..I'm excited to see the "new" 5th wheel! Dad..I told you that you should choose the one with 4 slide outs when you where showing us the floor plans!!! HaHa..I was right!

    Do I need to plan on something for supper for everyone or do ya'll have plans?

  5. Dana - let's make sure that we don't have our wires crossed - it is NOT this Thursday - it's NEXT Thursday October 29th. Sorry for any confusion.


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