Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finally Pictures!!!!!

Okay - I finally took pictures of our new home. I hope you enjoy looking at the new place - we sure are enjoying living in it - most of these are self explanatory - this is looking toward the back from the front door ................................................

This is the desk, tv, and fireplace (yes, I said fireplace). This is like the one we had in our 'sticks and bricks' house here in Dowling Park. It does have a small electric heater built in with a fan - so when it is cold we can turn this on and help heat the living room area - when it isn't cold and we just want the look we can turn it on without the heater. Nice feature for us. (OH, look - you will see my computer on it's new stand!)

Another shot toward the back .............................

This is the kitchen area and what you see when you walk in the front door - see my double door refrigerator???? It's the greatest!!!!!!

Of course, this is the bedroom - yes, we still have a king size bed (that is mandatory with the pups sleeping with us) and yes, we have hung our picture that we had over the bed in the other 'house' over the bed. On the left of this picture is a closet that we didn't have in the other unit - nice, extra storage. This is where Dan keeps his "hang up" clothes. We still have the full closet across the front of the unit - that's where I keep my "hang up" clothes and the coats and sweaters.

This is another shot of the bedroom - the double doors in the pictures is another area that we didn't have in the other unit - it has shelves which is were Dan and I keep our jeans and t-shirts - we also have the linen and towels there. Oh - did you notice the nice flat screen tv over the dresser???? NICE!!!!

and here is the washer/dryer - one of the best features of the entire 'house'!

We also got together with our friends here in the Village today and had a nice lunch on the river.

Here is Joyce and Jewel getting things set up - it was really nice to have a nice ride with friends and getting caught up.
Well, we will look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new home - I can't wait to see what you guys think.
Talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Very cool pictures, it almost looks as big as my place. I can't wait to see it this week.

  2. The "new home" looks really nice!

    What are the plans once you come down?

    When are you heading over to Sebring to the park?

    Next week is Ashley's birthday and I thought maybe we would have "CAKE" Saturday night before trick or treating!

  3. it looks really lovely mom. wish kim and i could get our place as put together as yours. anytime by the end of the year would be a miracle for us i think...

  4. thanks guys - I'm glad you like our new home - We just can't believe how much we like it -
    Can't wait to show it to you in person this week. See you soon.

  5. Carol

    The new unit looks terrific and the extra features really make a mobile home out of it.
    You said it was a bit longer than the original unit that you had, which I assume was the 33-footer mentioned in the heading for the blog and pictured on the big photo at the top of the blog -- is that 35?, 36 feet?
    Any guesses how much -- if any -- that will affect mileage?

    best wishes as you get on the road with the new RV.

    bruce potter

  6. Justin wants to know where the pictures of the outside are...but other than that looks nice. Can't wait to see it and you two this weekend!


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