Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Day of Shopping

I know, I know - I thought I would get the pictures taken today also - but, as it has a way of happening, things got in the way -

First, this morning Dan decided that he wanted to finish up the projects that he started yesterday as well as put the hole in the desk for all the computer wires (you know one of those things that has the plastic cover and you feed the wires through to the plug - they are on office desks - I don't know what they are called). Anyway, he decided that he needed to run back into town to pick up a few things to finish the shelves in the pantry. Well, before we left my friend Patty came over and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Wal Mart with her. Since there were some things that we wanted from Wal Mart we decided that I would go into town with Patty and Dan would go to Lowes and get the things that he needed. I made my list and Dan made his.

Patty and I went into town and we helped each other get the things on our individual lists - I must admit I did purchase a couple of things not on the list including a lap top stand that I am using right now - it is really pretty nice - I like the angle of the keyboard now and the bottom of the computer doesn't get hot. I also bought some make-up that wasn't on the list, but other than that I stuck to the list (and by the way, I got everything on MY list). Then Patty and I went to lunch (at Wendy's). It was nice to spend a little time with my "little sister". We just had a few good hours of getting caught up and just talking about "stuff".

When we got home we found Dan on the floor working on the desk. So, I spent the rest of the afternoon helping him work on the many different projects that he has going on. (BTW, Dan did NOT get everything on his list - he says he "forgot to look at the list" and blamed it on not having a pocket on his shirt!). Oh well!

The next thing I know it is time for dinner.

Now, I had it all planned what I was going to cook for dinner - but my man didn't have that in mind at all - he had decided that he wanted to go to O'Neal's in Madison - it was fish night and Dan wanted fried fish. So, instead of eating at home we went to Madison so Dan could have his fish - ($22.00 with tip). If you are ever in Madison, Florida and want to have good homemade food on a buffet, then O'Neal's is where you need to go - not a fancy place but good food.

We have spent the rest of tonight trying to figure out the new Polk County School Board insurance plan. Insurance is sooooooo confusing and they don't make it any easier with three different plans for me and a different plan for Dan (because he is on Medicare). I don't know which plan we are going to go with at this point - we think we know, but we have to make sure that the doctors we have here at Dowling Park accept that plan - plus our prescription plan will change. Why can't people just leave things as they are - we have to go to a different provider - not Walgreens anymore - but they do still have a mail order service - so that should still work okay.

I guess the point of all this rambling is - I still didn't get pictures taken of the new unit - and I don't know if I will get it done tomorrow. We need to go to the store room and decide what fall decorations we are going to take with us down to Sebring and then we are going out on the boat again and have a picnic lunch with Bud, Joyce, and Jewel. This should be a fun time - I don't know if Dan and Bud will try any fishing or not, but Dan will be happy just being on the water.

Then tomorrow afternoon is FOOTBALL. (BTW, we can't get ESPN on our TV - no satellite service here under the trees - so we can't get the Florida game - we're watching the Texas game). I'm not sure what games we will be able to get but I'm sure that we will be able to pick up something.

Well, I think I'll stop for tonight. We'll see what tomorrow holds for us in the afternoon.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. At least Dad seems to be good at finishing the projects he starts, I wish John was that way. I've still got a half painted house, gallons and gallons of paint, unfinished flooring, and a door that needs to be hung (but since it wasn't hung and then fell over it now has a nice pretty hole in it). If any of these projects had anything to do with powerlifting they'd be done by now..AAAGGGHHH

  2. We stayed with the plan that didn't cost us anything extra out of our checks! Mark wanted to stay with the plan where we still had to pay just a co-pay, but couldn't afford the extra monthly payment! I wish that the School Board would think of their employees FIRST for a change! With NO RAISES again this year...we had to stick with the cheapest plan, although I don't know how cheap it will be in the long run having to pay the full amount of a doctor's bill and anything else they decide to order (x-rays...labs...etc.)

    To Cara...finish them yourself! I've never know you to wait around for someone to finish something. That is one thing you have always been good the dresser you painted for Matthew! Paint a set of weights on the door...maybe he'll lift it or just start bitching really LOUD!

    As to why I'm up this early...Cori went to Orlando to Universal and is now driving on who can sleep! SCARY!

  3. I declined the insurance this year since I'm already on John's. It doesn't cost extra for him to carry me and Matt because he already had to have a family plan because of Aaron and Taylor. I was covered by the school board last year because it was free, so I used both insurances. Mom went to a big meeting about this insurances the other day she might have some answers

  4. Cara - I have to agree with your sister - Do It YOURSELF!!!! Sometimes it is the ONLY way to get something completed.

    Dana - I agree with you also on the school board insurance - I think we are going to have Dan gone on the BlueCross Medicare program and I'll stay with the plan we are on now (704) it will only cost us $33.00 more a month. We'll see how that works out.

    Now, GO BACK TO BED!!!!!!!


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