Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four Mile Creek Campground, New York

We are at Four Mile Creek Campground in New York - which is about 20 miles from Niagara Falls. It is COLD!!!!! It is also windy which makes the cold even worse!!!! I'm going to be looking for my long underwear that I think I brought (I hope I brought) before we go to the falls tomorrow.
This is a shot of Lake Ontario (which is in the background on the picture above). Dan says it looks like the ocean - you can't see the other side - which is what defines a lake to us. As you can see in this picture there were white caps on the water. It was a beautiful day - as you can see in the picture - blue sky and just a few clouds - but the picture doesn't show the temperature which was around 47 as the high today and the wind it was probably in the 30's. Cold!!!!

This is a picture of Toronto, Canada across the lake - it is about 30 miles away straight across the water pretty cool.
Now we did have a huge scare today - we went on that scenic route (which was not that scenic by the way) and we were bucking the head wind. Well, there were NO gas stations much less a place to get diesel fuel - we finally got to the campground with 6 miles to empty on the fuel gauge. I asked the girl at the check-in where the nearest place was to get diesel and she told us a place in town (about 10 miles ). Well, we start into town and the fuel gauge keeps going down and we get to 0 miles to empty and we are still 2 miles away from the gas station. Well, we keep our fingers crossed and say a few prayers to get to the station. We get to the station and guess what - it's CLOSED! Well, we go into a store next door to look in the phone book and see if there is someplace close - well the nearest place is like 10 miles away on an Indian Reservation. I go back out to the truck to get the Garmin to program the name of the station in and sitting beside our truck was our guardian angel - I told her our problem and she said she would lead us to a station where she knew there was diesel - the problem was it was about 10 miles away and we are already past empty - but she said she would lead us and if we ran out we could go to her house and get a diesel can and she would take us to buy fuel and back to the truck (Dan was worried because he said that IF we did run out he didn't know if he could get it started again - you are NOT suppose to run out of fuel in a diesel). Anyway, to make a long story short we did make it to the fuel station - but Dan and I were both on our last nerve. Let's just say that we will not let that happen again - maybe we need an spare fuel can with us. Anyway, I was not in a good mood the rest of the day.
Then to make a bad day worse - we get back to the 'house' I call Dish Network to get the local stations and guess what - we CAN'T GET THEM -seems like we have the wrong satellite arc on our dish - we have the western arc and we need the eastern arc now - I don't understand, and I was not a happy camper. The main people that handle the RV accounts do not work on the weekend - so we have to wait until tomorrow to call them - Dan is ready to just get rid of the whole system - he says that they have not fulfilled their end of the bargain so why should we. I'm sure this saga is not over yet. So, the reason we got the dish to begin with - to watch football - we have not seen football since we left Michigan. I am NOT happy, but I guess things could be worse.
I'll just have to concentrate on having a good time at the falls tomorrow and taking pictures and staying warm. Tuesday the group from Dowling Park is suppose to be on the Canada side and we will meet them at Niagara on the Lake and then we are headed south - I don't like this cold weather and I'm ready for a little bit of warmth.
Well, I don't have anything else to report - I guess I've been in a 'bitchey' mood tonight - I'll be better tomorrow. Hope you guys had a better weekend then we did - and that you have a good week. Crystal and Kim, we will be in Atlanta this coming weekend - can't wait to show Dan the loft!
Okay, guys, I'm going to sign off for tonight - I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Notice the post from near where I grew up (East Aurora, NY) --- will follow along, looking over your shoulders, trying to learn about RVing. . .
    Check for stuff my wife and I are currently into -- having lived aboard and cruised in a sailboat in the Caribbean and a half-dozen other canal trips and cruises in the Bahamas and stuff, we're (well, I'm) thinking of RVing. Appreciate anything you and Dan can offer by way of pointers along the way for neophytes. Like why a 5th wheeler?

    Travel safe and get out of Western New York until it warms up again in June --- you were lucky to see blue -- you are now starting gray season -- from "lake-effect" clouds -- that lasts until late December.
    and you've noticed the cold. . . and Buffalo is windier than Chicago . . . left in 1960 to go to college in Virginia, and haven't looked back. . .



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