Friday, October 9, 2009

Last day in Pennsylvania

Today was our last day in Pennsylvania - we rode around a little this morning - this is a picture of the countryside - I know that you really can't see the fall colors but they are there. Actually, the mountain today reminded me a lot of the Smokey Mountain - all the clouds down in the valley.

It was damp and cold again today - I don't think we have had the small electric heater off in the 'house' all week. It rained again last night - so things never really warmed up - it has been sorta funny - we will have a nice day, then the next day will rain, then nice, then wind, then nice, then rain. Just been one of those kinds of weeks.

We did go for a walk today in the woods - this is my big guy walking ahead of me - it was really pretty down in the woods - as you can see there are plenty of ferns growing and the pups had lots of fun running around and chasing the chipmunks - yes, there are chipmunks here and they have been driving the dogs crazy - they just sit in the chair - or up on Dan's shoulder- and whine and whine to get out and chase the 'chippies' as Don's dad called them. Too funny!!!

I told you last night that Dan said he had a lot of firewood to burn today - well, I don't think he burned it all - he would start a fire and then it would start raining on him and he would come inside for a little while - then back out to burn some more. Anyway, I guess he will leave the firewood here - as we can not take it with us to the park in New York.
Tomorrow we will get up and get packed up to head for New York state - we are spending tomorrow at Bath, New York - about 2 or 3 hours up the road. Dan wants to get there in time to watch some football and I want to watch the games and get the laundry done. (I told you last night how excited I am about doing laundry - really, no kidding!) Anyway, then Sunday morning we will pack up and head for Buffalo New York - the state park we are staying in there is right on Lake Ontario. Which is pretty neat I think - I have never seen Lake Ontario - I have seen Lake Erie when I was a little kid (well, not that little - I was probably around 14 years old and we went up to visit my aunt and uncle - and we went to the World's Fair in Montreal Canada - they don't even have World's Fairs anymore - boy, that shows you how old I am!) Anyway, I have never been on this side of New York State and I am looking forward to seeing how different the fall colors are since we are heading north.
I am also excited about seeing our friends from Dowling Park at Niagara Falls - probably on Tuesday. I don't think they are suppose to get to Niagara until Monday afternoon - we might be able to see them then, but they are staying on the Canadian side and we are on the US side. I don't think we will have a problem, because, as I said earlier, we do have our passports with us. I don't know it will be just trying to work out our schedules because they are with a tour group and we are on our own, of course. Anyway, we'll see how things work out. I think the best thing will be to meet up at Niagara-on-the-Lake on Tuesday (so, Joyce and Jewel, if you are reading this see if that makes sense to you.) We'll touch base by phone the first of the week.
Well, I don't really have much else to report. I hope you guys have had a good week. We certainly haven't had many comments this week, but then we haven't done much to deserve commenting on. Oh well, next week will be better - I'll have more to report on and many more pictures. Okay, I'm going to sign off for tonight and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Hey Dad...your hair is getting really long! Can you put it in a ponytail yet?

    Friday was fun, saw two surgeries. I could definitely do that! I meet the Nurse Manager over both OR's. She asked me why I wanted to leave my sweet job with the School Board! NO $$$$$$! She told me that position that is posted already has someone in the ER interested! But not to get discouraged, just keep checking in every week! I told her I check DAILY!

    Travel safe! Love Dana

  2. I think I could get his hair in a ponytail but he won't let me try!!!!

    BTW - how did YOUR hair turn out - is it RED???? LOL

  3. Dad...let her put your hair in a ponytail, take your picture, post it and then you can take it out!

    Cori did a good's an Auburn color! So it's not "tree top red". Paige told me I look younger, I think she was just trying to score brownie points for something!


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