Thursday, October 29, 2009

insurance meeting in Lakeland

We arrived in Lakeland this afternoon and got the "house" all set up at Dana's - it took awhile for the house to cool down - it was 93 degrees outside when we got here - we aren't used to this kind of heat and neither are the pups. They were just lying around with their poor little tongues hanging out. Anyway, we finally got everything cooled off and they are fine now (and yes, Crystal I had plenty of fresh, cool water down for them.)

We had a quick bite with Dana, Mark and the girls (thank goodness for Little Ceasers Pizza) and then it was off to the insurance meeting at Lakeland High School. I don't know if we know anything more now then we did before we went but we have decided that we are going to go with the 3160/3161 plan and hope for the best. Dan gets so upset when you go to a meeting like this and they open it up for questions - people always want to ask a specific question that pertains to them instead of a general question - he wants them to wait and talk to the presenter privately - the whole audience doesn't need to know your entire medical history. Anyway, he did actually sit through the entire meeting until they started talking about the Medicare Advantage plan - which we don't qualify for and our doctors in Dowling Park don't accept. (A little heads up to those of you that are retired with PCSB - check with your doctor to make sure they will accept the Advantage plan - as I said ours won't - they accept BCBS but NOT the Advantage plan - just check with your doctor to make sure - I'm glad I did!).

Tomorrow we will head down to Melissa's new house in Lake Placid - we are going to leave the 5th wheel here at Dana's because the park where we are going to work is not ready for us to come in yet - they are paving the park and they wanted us to wait until Monday to come. Sooooo, we are going to leave the unit here in Lakeland - go spend a couple of days at Melissa's and then come back to Dana's on Sunday. We'll have lunch and cake and celebrate Ashley's birthday. It is hard for me to believe she is going to be six years old!!!! It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born - of course, we were living in the cabin in mountains of North Carolina at the time, but it just doesn't seem to be that long ago.

Monday we will go on down to Highland Hammock and get set up - we will probably go by the park while we are at Melissa's just to check it out and see where they will be putting us - we might even do that on our way down. I don't know what Dan has planned for us to do in the morning before we go down. Melissa won't be home from work until around 3:30 so we don't have to rush. We will need to pack a suitcase to take with us - which will seem a little strange. I haven't had to do that since I flew to Atlanta a month ago. I am excited to see their new house - maybe I'll post some pictures of it on the blog in the next couple of days.

Sorry I have not gotten pictures of the outside of the unit on the blog - I'll try and get those on in a couple of days also.

Well, it's getting a little late and I'm ready to go in and read a little before bed. Hope everyone is having a good week and .........................................

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Sorry I couldn't come by last night but as John and I are down to one vehicle and he went to the gym I was stuck at home! See you on Sunday


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