Monday, September 14, 2009

Through Minnesota to Wisconsin

I know this is a little dark, but I took it as we pulled into our campsite for tonight. We are in Wisconsin tonight. We had originally planned on staying in Minnesota BUT the campground did not have electricity and tonight was Monday Night Football double header. Soooooo, we kept going into Wisconsin and are at Mill Bluff State Park. The trees are beautiful - not all have turned yet, but it's early in the season. Anyway, this was the first area that have really shown fall color.
This is an example of what the scenery has been for the last two days - corn fields and more corn fields. But something exciting did happen today - other than being in two states that I have never been in before - I saw my first Amish man - in a horse drawn cart - he was going over the interstate on a road - We waved at him and he waved back. We also saw some Amish men working in the fields with their horse drawn wagons. It was really pretty cool - Dan says that we might go down into Indiana to an Amish community while we are in Michigan - that would be neat.

This is a picture of the Mississippi River on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I thought that was pretty neat - we have been across the Mississippi many times but always down in the south - not up north. Anyway, I thought you might like to see it.
Not much else happened today - just a lot of driving - we should be in Kankakee tomorrow - it will actually be a short day - I think Dan said it was about 150 miles further. Anyway - it should be a short day and then we will be set up for three days - We will go on into Michigan on Friday - this will also be a short drive and it will be nice to get set up and stay put for a couple of days. I'll let you know what we do and where we go.
Let me know what you think and keep the comments coming - it keeps me going. (Damn - the Patriots just won! Oh well! Maybe the next game will be better)
Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. momma, just wanted to say i love you. i immediately thought of you this morning when i turned on GMA and they were talking about the passing of patrick swayze. relive some dirty dancing moments today in your travels, ok?

  2. Beautiful photos and I hope you're able to see more fall colors and less corn fields as you travel.

    Also to what Crystal said, I think we can all agree a great actor will be missed and I'm thinking a Patrick Swayze marathon is in order to celebrate a true gentleman and his many talents.

  3. Okay Crystal - you succeeded in making me cry this morning - I will certainly remember Patrick not only for Dirty Dancing,Ghost, Road House, and Red Dawn but also for his grace and being a true southern gentleman.
    I love you too!

    Kim - I'll let you and Crystal run the marathon, but I'll be there to cheer you on!

  4. mom, uhmmm, she meant a movie marathon. which i think you would do just fine at...

    and how could you forget his two best films, too wong foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar & point break? for shame.

  5. I strongly recommend going to Shipshewanna, Indiana for the Amish experience. Try to be there on Wednesday for the auction at the huge flea market. It's a very memorable experience. You will see many things from our era which are now called antiques. I guess I'm an antique, too. We were just in Wisconsin in late June and enjoyed to countryside. We even toured a cheese factory. So much to see. So little time. Enjoy!

  6. Crystal and Kim - OPPS! yes, I could do a movie marathon, but not a running marathon. Sorry - just a little 'senior' moment!

    Love to you both!


  7. mom, do you want my week to be miserable?

    If you answered no, then don't ever root against the is never a good week when they lose.

    If you answered yes, then, I don't think you are really my mom!

    Love and miss you!

  8. melissa-

    that reason right there is the only reason i root for the patriots and the longhorns-- for you and your sanity. in fact, on monday i was yelling at the TV "GO PATRIOTS! just don't throw the ball to welker, brady! i need to win in my fantasy league!" apparently, he didn't listen....

  9. Melissa - I don't know what I was thinking - the new hair color must have gone to my head and killed a few brain cells - I'll do better in the future!

    love Mom


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