Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now what have we done?

This is Dan on his new motorcycle. I really didn't think that we were going to buy this bike, but Dan had his heart set on it and you know that I can't tell him 'no' - so we have purchased a motorcycle. See the saddlebags??? We will be able to take the bike into town and buy a few groceries - you know, things like milk, eggs, bread, oj. Little things - not the "big" grocery trip - but it will be nice to be able to save a few bucks on fuel. It will also be easier to find a place to park in town. Dan is one happy little boy - as you can probably tell by the smile on his face!

Dale is going to take the bike down to Florida for us - he is leaving Saturday afternoon and has volunteered to trailer the bike down. That takes a large burden off our back (I mean, how could we ever get this down to Florida since we don't have the hitch on the 5th wheel yet.) We are still trying to figure out how we are going to handle this little "gift" after we get to Florida - I (we) don't want to spend a fortune on putting a hitch on the 5th wheel, so we are still in discussion about this issue. We have decided (at least so far 'we' have decided) that if all else fails we will just leave the bike in Florida when we leave in February. We'll see how long this "decision" lasts as that time get closer (those who know Dan will understand this statement - right?)

Now, this was not the only purchase that Dan has made in the past couple of days. What else, you might ask, would he purchase?? And, how could this purchase influence me (meaning me, Carol)????? Well, people that know me won't believe the next picture - I couldn't believe it myself - but I promise you that it is not trick photography. So, what am I talking about????? Look ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes, you see right - that's ME on a motorcycle and it's MINE!!!!!!! I can even prove it - Look at this -----------------------------------

Yep! That IS me on the cycle - riding through the yard and I'm SMILING!!!!!! Now, before my friends and family get all upset, I just want to say that this is NOT a regular motorcycle - it is NOT street legal and I'll only be riding it around the parks and stuff. It is only to be used for fun and I will be VERY CAREFUL and I will be wearing a helmet anytime I am on the big cycle. We will not have any problem carrying this one with us because it fits in the bed of the truck - even around the 5th wheel hitch.

I'm sorry I did not get this posted yesterday - or more importantly- last night, but I was having trouble with the Internet service - my air card kept going off and it was a problem - I tried to type this TWICE last night and neither time could I finish. Anyway, I finally got tired and just gave up. Hopefully you guys did not worry about it and you knew that things were okay.
Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta - so today I will do the packing and getting everything ready. I am going to need to be up around 5:30 tomorrow morning (YIKES!) to be able to get ready and be at the airport in time for my flight. I have decided that I WILL NOT be taking my computer with me - it is just too much trouble - but I have been assured that I can use either Crystal's or Kim's computer soooooo I will be able to keep up with the blog. Plus, you guys can see the loft - I am excited about the prospect of doing some decorating again (but to tell you the truth, I am also a little nervous). I mean, it's one thing to decorate for yourself (if you screw up in your own room it's your money and you can start over) but when you are helping someone else you have a whole lot more responsibility!!!! I'm hoping and praying that I don't screw up!
Okay, I am going to sign off for this morning - I will post again tonight. I can't wait to see the comments on THIS post! I'm sure there are going to be some.
Take care and I'll talk to you later today!


  1. o_O that's the computer short-hand for WHAT THE HELL?!?!

    do you know what you have done? i have been telling kim for months that she can't get another bike, that it's too dangerous. and now what can she throw in my face? "well, your mom has one so..."

    great mom. thanks...

  2. oh, and PS, don't worry about the decorating thing. it'll be fun. if you get stressed out about it we're all in trouble cause kim and i are already freaked out enough about it. just know we'll tell you if we don't like something. and everything can be returned :)

  3. please don't worry about the decorating, it will be fine and lots of fun :)

    can't wait to see you!

    love the new bikes!!!

  4. BIG QUESTION??? Where is Dad going to store the motorcycle in Florida? Where is Dale's drop off destination?

  5. Don't worry Dana - I won't let him store it at your house - he's done enough of that in the past! Dale is leaving it at a friend's in North Florida until we get there.

  6. P.S. - Crystal and Kim - remember mine is NOT a REAL motorcycle - it is NOT STREET LEGAL - I would not recommend it for anyone in Atlanta - no way! No how!!!!! Too dangerous!!!!!!!

  7. OK...thanks for clearing that up! Sorry about supper getting cold, just haven't talked with you guys for awhile, so I had a lot of questions! Mark's already asking when the motorcycle is coming and how he'll have to go get a license! At least he has something to look forward too! Thanks!


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