Friday, September 18, 2009

Indian Lake Michigan

This was a surprise for me - I really didn't think about it until I saw a couple of billboards for Notre Dame football - when all of a sudden - there it was - the exit to Notre Dame. Pretty cool huh? Well, I have heard that the campus of Notre Dame is beautiful, so Dan says that we will come back down to South Bend and visit the campus one day next week.

We got into Indian Lake about 4:00 and got all settled - Dale met us at the church and showed us where our camp spot was and helped us get settled. Then he took us on a tour of the Nazarene campground. It is very nice. Then we went by his house and looked around - I know where I'll be to watch the football games (he has a wonderful big screen TV down in the basement - Yahoo!). Then we went down to the dining room and ate dinner -not bad and it only cost us $7.00 each for a buffet. After dinner we went back to Dale's to wait for Bonnie to get there.

After Bonnie arrived we went down to the lake and took a ride on Dale's pontoon boat - it was really nice on the lake, but - like a dummy- I forgot my camera. So, tomorrow I will do better with the camera and I'll post pictures tomorrow so you can see what the place looks like. There are a lot of really nice houses and a lot of really cute cottages here. But, I'll show you some pictures tomorrow.

I'll sign off for tonight - Melissa - CONGRATULATIONS on closing on the house - you are now in the ranks of the home owner's (and I now have a place to stay sometimes!!!!)

Talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of Dale and Bonnie! Just like Becky..I haven't seen them in YEARS!

    Congrats to Melissa and Justin on the house..I hope it's everything you wanted! Now you only have one more BIG step to take....BABIES (lol)

  2. Thanks Mom, Dan and Dana! We are working away on the house to get it ready for visits! I hope that while your dad and my mom are here that you come down and get a chance to see our new house, Dana! Miss everyone and love you!


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