Saturday, September 5, 2009

This blog needs to be divided into four parts

Alright everyone, I said I needed to divide this blog into four parts - one for Thursday night at the play, we did two different things on Friday (one I have to keep a secret the other was dinner in Yellowstone) and the other was work today. So, I'll start with the play on Thursday night -

Part ONE

As you know Dan and I went to Mack's Playhouse and saw a spoof of the play Les Miserables. Before the play we had dinner which was excellent - prime rib that was cooked almost perfect at medium rare, baked potato, nib let corn, baked beans, fabulous rolls (I ate two!) a wonderful salad with great salad dressing and Dan had ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie. (My dessert was the second roll) We had front row seats at this production (when we went to see Beverly Hillbillies 90210 we were about half way back in the theater and Dan had a hard time hearing the actors) so being in the front was a good thing - I don't think I had to tell them what the actors said but one time.

We thought that this production was better than Hillbillies - this was funny and the kids did a good job. The actors kid around with the audience and keep them involved. I was able to take pictures during the play by turning the flash off my camera.

I think you can tell from these pictures that it was a funny play and I would recommend anyone to go see it. (However, tonight was the last time they are doing any play) The playhouse closed after tonight's play for the season. Oh well!

Part Du ex (Two)
This part of the blog was something that I did not expect us to do this weekend - yesterday (Friday) the son-in-law of our neighbor - Jeff - came over and asked us if we would like to take the float boat and float the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Of course Dan yelled "YES!"

This is a picture of the water taken from the boat while we were floating - it was/is crystal clear - it amazes me every time I look at the water around here - doesn't seem to matter what body of water it is - it is crystal clear. Amazing!

This was just some of the scenery we viewed as we floated the river - this was a small water fall just on the side of the river - Actually we were floating down an old lava tube - the sides were made up of lava rock and just had the most amazing scenery. But the most important part was how happy Dan was -

Here is Dan with one fish - okay, it was a little small, but see the smile on his face - He was in "hog heaven"!

Now, later in the day Dan did redeem himself -

when he caught this white fish - not a trout, but he had a good time catching it (as you can probably tell from the smile on his face). He did release the fish but that was okay - he had caught it and I had it on 'film'.

This is my happy little boy - he was like a kid in a candy store - I'm just glad that he was able to float the river to sorta close our time here in Idaho.

Part Three

After we got home last night, we got ready very quickly and headed off to Yellowstone for our dinner reservations - the reservations were at 5:45 and we had to leave here no later than 4:00 to make sure we would get there in time - you never know what you are going to see going into Yellowstone and later you will see what I mean.
But first,

Here is Dan sitting on the balcony of the Yellowstone Inn - I don't think you can see the smile on his face.

Then, there was dinner - we both had the buffet and this is the star of the buffet -

Prime rib of BISON! It was fantastic! I really didn't think it would be that good - I figured it would be tough - boy was I ever wrong! We also had salad, soup, boiled shrimp, wild rice, and green beans. the meal was pretty good, but it was expensive! Well, it was our "final hurrah" in Yellowstone so, I guess it was worth the $70.00 price tag for both of us.

Now, I'll show you what we saw on our way into the park -
A HUGE bull elk with a HUGE rack - he was rubbing the velvet off his rack and making himself beautiful!

On our way home we saw this beautiful guy walking out toward a herd of cow elk - I was really expecting to hear him 'bugle' but we didn't hear him. That was a little disappointing but we were really happy to see the bull. It was somewhat of a happy ending to our trips into the park. I will really miss the park - and I'm sorry I was not able to do the hike that I wanted to do, but that gives us something to look forward to in the future.
Part Four

Today was our next to the last day at work - and boy, were we busy!!!! We had about 200 people through the cabin, but the deposit was really low (the cabin is maintained only through the donations of people, so when we don't have a good day when we have a lot of people through the cabin we feel like we didn't do our job well.) Our deposit was larger than the Friday deposit, but I didn't feel it was as much as it should have been with that many people through. Anyway, I'm not sure how we are going to feel tomorrow afternoon - it will be the end of the first chapter of this "great adventure". Dan and I will also miss Idaho - we have had a lot of fun here and sorta feel like home - however; no one has to worry about us staying - I don't think I could stand the 40 below weather or the snow 10 plus feet.
Right now, we plan on leaving for Michigan Thursday morning - we will stop in Rapid City South Dakota and go to Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore and maybe Wind Cave National Park. I'm not sure if we will take any other 'side' trips on the way, it will depend on how much time we have and what we see on the way.
Well, I think I have caught you up on everything that has happened on the last three days - BTW, Happy Birthday tomorrow Melissa!!!! I can't believe my "baby" is 26! I'll call you tomorrow! Neil, congratulations on the Gator win - Crystal, the last score I saw Vandy was ahead in their game - Hope they won also- Just saw the final and Vandy won - Yeah Vandy! (I'm watching the Alabama game now - we will have to wait and see how that one goes.)
Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Looks like Dad was having a good time! Can't wait to see pictures of the next adventure! Hope your last day of "work" went well...can you believe it is over already?

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes =D


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