Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Last Day

Today was our last day at work - which is very hard for us to believe. Dan said that when we were half way done it seemed like we had a long time to go until we would be finished. Now it doesn't seem like it lasted very long at all.

You might wonder how busy we were since we only had a total of 40 people last week on Sunday. We have decided that the number of cars that are parked by the Mormon church will tell us how busy we will be. Last week there has hardly anyone at the church and we weren't busy - today they were lined down the street and out on the main highway - the most cars we have seen all summer and - we were the busiest that we have been all summer. There were people in the cabin all day and group of 40 and 50 at a time - they were lined up to go up the stairs. The good thing about being so busy is - the day really goes by quickly. Dan didn't eat lunch until after 1:00 and I didn't eat until after 2:00. It's the latest Dan has EVER eaten. Anyway, it was a good last day.

Tomorrow we start packing up and getting ready to leave - Dan has to put the hitch back in the truck - I think he is going to ask Jeff to help him - that thing is really heavy. Anyway - it will take a while to get everything put up where it belongs. So, the next few days will probably be really boring on the blog, but I hope you will stay with us as we begin the next leg of this adventure.

I think I'll sign off for tonight - Dana, your dad was having a blast on the river Friday. Melissa, I hope you had a fabulous day and that you are feeling better. Don, Dan will call you on Tuesday. Crystal, I hope you called your sister and wished her a happy birthday (I'm sure you did!) and congratulations on the Vandy win. Hope we hear from you guys - I do like to know what you guys think.

Take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. This is a catch-up comment/s. Neil has loved the fishing news. He could almost taste the freshly fried fish. That is one of our favorite experiences when we have been in that area. We enjoyed reading about your float trip. I think you have hit all of our past high points during your stay in Idaho - plus some. Wishing you the best - as you prepare for your trip toward Michigan. I think you might have some comfortable driving weather. C and N


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