Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kankakee River State Park, Illinois

hello all - I don't know if you can see in the background of this picture but we have seen these things all over - from Idaho to South Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin and even in Illinois - What is it you may ask.... well ---------

how about wind turbines - I don't mean just a couple like is in this picture - I am talking about 100's. It is really neat to see these wind turbines - I think they are very energy efficient (meaning they don't use any fossil fuel) but I also hear that they are not wanted by the community. I don't know why other than the noise they make but all the ones we have seen have been in agricultural fields - not near any homes. I guess one of the things that we have been surprised at is the number of turbines we have seen - not only number wise but also the number of states that they are in. Who knows - we may have seen the future.

This is a tree at the first rest area in Illinois - I wanted to show what the look of fall is right now here - part of the trees are showing their color and part are not - but it is still cool to see the fall colors.

This is a day time picture of the park we were in last night so you can see that there is a little more color at this park then in Illinois - it was a little further north than we are now, but not that far. Anyway, I love fall and I am enjoying seeing the leaves change.
We are in Kankakee River State Park and we will be here for the next three nights - we have been somewhat surprised that the state parks here do not have water at the camp sites - we have figured out that it has to be because of the weather - it would be too hard to insulate the water lines all over a campground - so they just don't have water to the sites. When we came into the campground today we filled up with water again so we don't really have to worry about that the whole time we will be here. We have not heard from Becky yet - and it is 9 p.m. so I don't guess we'll hear from her until tomorrow - We would like to have her here for dinner tomorrow night and then MAYBE we will go out to dinner Thursday night. Then we will leave for Michigan Friday morning. I'm going to be glad to just sit and relax for a couple of days - I guess that I got used to staying in Idaho and have not gotten back into the routine of putting everything away every day for travel. It will be fine - but I think the girls are ready to sit for a couple of days. It will be nice to sit for two weeks in Michigan before heading over to Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks.
Well, that is about all I have to report for today - once again most of the day was spent in the truck (BTW it was more like 300 miles not 150 miles). We ate in again - we decided to try and empty out the refrigerator before I cook a new meal - grilled chicken anyone???? I'll sign off for tonight - Dennis, we will definitely try to get down to Indiana on a day trip while we are in Michigan.
Talk to you tomorrow!!!

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