Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Day in Idaho Falls

This is going to be short and simple - we went down to Idaho Falls today and picked up the part that Dan had ordered. Then we came back to Rexburg and went to Wal Mart - we needed paper towels, toilet paper, milk, and dish washing liquid. Real big list huh? Oh - we also bought three things of frozen orange juice. This was a big deal! NOT! This was the majority of our day.

We did find out that this weekend will be a LAST weekend in the cabin - it is really hard for me to believe that this time next week we will be on the road. It sure hasn't seemed like we have been here all summer and now the summer is over. In some ways it feels like we haven't owned a home in "like forever", but in other ways it just seems like it was just yesterday that we pulled in here. It is really weird. Anyway, we are looking at what we will be doing and which was we will go to Michigan - I mean we need to see what we can while we are out here - should we go to Deadwood and visit Wild Bill Hickok's grave - the museum in Deadwood - the Wall Drug store - I know that we are going to go to the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore. I'm not sure what else we will do, but by leaving the middle of next week we will have some time to play on our way to Michigan.

Tomorrow night we go to the Dinner Theater here at Mack's Inn - Les Miserables. We will have prime rib again - and I'm sure it will be a good show - Then Friday night we go into Yellowstone, probably for the last time, and have dinner at the Old Faithful Inn. I am not sure if I will post anything in the next couple of days - I will take my camera and take pictures at the play - I found out the last time we went that you can take pictures during the play - you just have to have the flash turned off - I had not taken my camera, but I will tomorrow. As I said, it may be Saturday before I post again - so if I don't, don't worry.

Well, I don't have anything else to report - today has been sorta boring - but that is the way life is. Anyway, I will talk to you soon - keep the comments coming! BTW - yes, Crystal, that moose did look a little "char-grilled" didn't he???

Take care! Love to you all!

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  1. Wow..I can't believe ya'll are leaving already! But I am looking forward to the pictures in Michigan and a NEW adventure! Make sure you take pictures of everyone...I haven't seen many of them in YEARS (at least 20 + years) What will I read for the next few mornings?? Hope you have a good time!


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