Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh my gosh - what have I done?????

If you look real close you will see frost on the ground outside - and if you look below you will see why we had frost this morning ..............

Yes, ladies and gentlemen that does say 29.7 degrees at 8:00 am. It was a little cool (no actually, it was COLD!) Anyway, it warmed up pretty nicely the temperature at 6:15 pm is 69 degrees. Not too bad.

Today we went down to Ashton and turned in our key to the cabin and said good-bye to everyone -

This is our friend Darby (or at least I hope she considers us a friend)- she was the one who put up with all our foolishness when we would stop by - I hope she stays in touch with us - she was one of the reason we really enjoyed our summer. I did not get a picture of Bill, but we consider him a friend also. We will miss both of them.

Now, you might wonder about the title of my blog tonight - well, remember at the beginning of the summer when I said that I had changed my hair color

This was my hair in July - well, guess what - Dan and I did my hair this morning and my worst fear has come true - I have always had a fear that when I colored my hair it would turn red - well, guess what -----------------------------

it did!!!!!!! I have washed it a couple of times and it is lighter then it was when we first did it this morning BUT it is still RED!!!!!!! I'm hoping that with time the red will go away and the brown will come through. I'll just have to wait and see since I can't do anything about it for at least six weeks. Now, if my girls say that my hair isn't any different this time then they are color blind!
Tomorrow I will give the dogs their bath before the trip. Dan still has not put the hitch in, but I'm sure he will do that tomorrow afternoon. We will go do laundry first thing in the morning, then run into West for the cards and a few groceries. Then tomorrow night we will go out to dinner with Joyce and Kaye. it is very hard for me to believe that tomorrow is our last day in Idaho. In some ways it seems like this is home, but I don't think I would feel that way when the temperature drops to 40 below and the snow is up to my neck. Oh well, it is time for the next step in our adventure.
Let me know what you think of the red hair and anything else you would like to tell us. Take care all - and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


  1. I love the new color of your hair - I don't think I know anyone with red hair - until now. Know you will miss Idaho and your new friends. The next part of your trip will add more new adventures and I look forward to "hearing" about them. Be safe in your travels (I love the lamp - think I recently have seen a chair and a small table that would look great with the lamp). C and N

  2. HEY...what color is that? I like it! Actually since I have been trying to cut WAY BACK on expenses, I have been thinking about coloring my hair (to hide the gray)! Cori is also feeling the effects of bring "BROKE" and even colored her hair, instead of spending $75 to get it highlighted! I've applied for a job at the hospital in Plant City, so hopefully I'm on the right road for financial recovery!
    Type at ya later!

  3. well, it was bound to happen. this is the price you pay for seeing an unlicensed colorist. at least it didn't turn orange like mine did that time in college. 'member? "the year of the hat"...

    i'm glad you enjoyed idaho, but more adventures await. hopefully some of them will be closer to the east coast. and an accessible airport. there's still wildlife near big cities. you just have to know where to look...

  4. Um... maybe I'm missing something... but what's wrong with red hair? (note: be careful of how you answer... just sayin')

    So, did Dan win the bet about the snow? Hmm?

  5. I forgot to post in the blog for tonight - no Dan did not win the bet with the snow (darn it!) Maybe next time!


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