Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another day at Dale's

We went on the electric boat again today after lunch - Dale went to church this morning and Cindy and Rod arrived around 11:30 this morning - we hung around Dale's for a little while. Rod and I went downstairs and watched some football (go Brett!) while Dan and Dale grilled out. We had a fabulous lunch - then Rod decided that he needed to go back home. After he left the rest of us went down to the marina and went out on the boat again. This is Cindy and Dan before the ride.
The is whole crew right after lunch - starting on the far left we have Dale, then Bonnie, Rod in the back, Cindy and, of course, my Danny boy! It has been a great day with everyone sitting around and talking about all the memories they have when they were little. It was fun listening to all the stories.

This is a picture of the electric boat as Dale is taking it back around to the marina to take it out.

I posted pictures of Dale's house from the back yesterday - well, this is the front. It is a very nice home and very comfortable.
Tomorrow I think we are going with Dale to take Cindy home - we will spend the night at Cindy's and come home on Wednesday - so I don't think I will take the computer with us. So don't expect me to post tomorrow night - but I will take lots of pictures at Cindy's and have lots to post on Wednesday.
We still haven't decided on the cycle - but it is looking more and more like Dan is going to buy it - we still have to double check the weight - but as long as it will fit on the hitch then I am pretty sure we will buy it. I'll keep you updated.
We've watched lots of football today (yeah!) and had a pizza for dinner. We are back at home now and watching Dallas/NY Giants game. (I doubt if we will make it to the end of the game).
I don't have much else to report -
I hope you all have a good week and I'll talk to you Wednesday


  1. I really like Dale's home...if he wants to sell it, I'll move (I don't know about anyone else in my clan, but OH WELL!)

    I love those old stories. I've heard Grandma's over and over and OVER again. It was aggravating then, but now I'd listen to them 100 times over! I was fussing at Grandma yesterday..she would say "This house is so easy to clean, it never gets dusty" WRONG..WRONG..WRONG!

  2. I know what you are talking about - I used to hate to clean that house - but it's all okay - that's what memories are made of!

    It was fun to sit and listen to your Dad, Dale, Bonnie, and Cindy talk about Betty and Ray - and their memories of your dad when he was a teenager (who knew he was such a 'hunk' when he was young!)

    Have a good week!

  3. Dad- You are really tall compared to Betty's gang. Hope ya'll are having a good time. Are you seeing any snow? I heard it's snowing in Colorado. Still hot down here.

  4.'s Wednesday! We're all ready for another post...please!


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