Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 3

Today has been a comedy of errors! But before I tell you about the adventure we had today let me update you on yesterday. I intended to write last night, but I was hit with a mystery ailment that we still don't understand. Everything was going fine - we traveled across the rest of LA and into Texas - we headed for Lake Arrowhead State Park right outside Wichita Falls, Texas. We found the park with no trouble - pulled in (actually had a pretty good site for backing into). I got out of the truck and came inside the 5th wheel and all of a sudden I was dizzy and light headed and thought I was going to pass out. I had to sit in the chair and not move my head. If I looked down I thought I was going to pass out. Sooo, Dan ended up fixing dinner (hot dogs) and he cleaned up the kitchen. After I ate I made it to the bed and I went to sleep with the help of three tylenol PM's. Woke up this morning and all was good. We have no idea what it was, but I'm certainly glad that it didn't last long.

The campsite was sure different - I took some pictures and once again IF I ever find out how to load them on the computer, I'll post some. We drank our coffee and ate some cinimmon toast then packed up and started on our way. Our goal was to make Santa Rosa State Park in New Mexico. Things started out pretty well - the road was good and not a lot of traffic. We did run into a lot of rain and it was windy all day, but Dan said it really didn't affect the way the truck and trailer handled. We made it to Santa Rosa around 4:30 mountain time (6:30 to you guys back east). We thought we were going to have an early day - HAH! We had "Francis" (that's the name we have given to our Garmin GPS) on and 'she' was directing us to the campground. We started to get a little worried when we were headed down a single lane dirt road headed off into the sunset - passing under a railroad bridge that we could have reached out and touched the support posts. But, we trusted Francis - she had never failed us before. 3.5 miles down this dirt road 'she' tells us to turn hard to the left - well, guess what - there was NO ROAD TO THE LEFT - there was nothing but open prarie. Thankfully, a local had seen us going down this road and had come after us. We stopped and talked to him and he told us we were NO where NEAR the state park. Anyway, he helped us get turned around and back down the one lane dirt road we went. After about 30 minutes we finally find the state park and guess what - they don't have any opening for tonight!!!!! Back in the truck and down the road we went. What else could possibly happen???? OH, Plenty!

We get back into town - stop at McDonald's to eat (did I mention we hadn't eaten since we ate that cinammon toast this morning?) got back out on the Interstate and start west - well, in New Mexico gas stations are few and far between and those with diesel are even further apart. We are down to 20 miles of fuel left when we finally spot a gas station that has diesel - out in the middle of no where - price $2.79.9 a gallon - $100.00 later we are back on the road - still have no idea where we are going to stay - it is getting late when I finally spot a KOA in a town named Miorarity. We stop - I go in to check us in and when she tells me the rate for one night I almost fainted - how about $50.00 - can you believe it!! Well, after we get parked and set up we open the camper door and find that the door that separates the living room from the bedroom and bathroom has come off the track. Now, I need to go see if I can help Dan fix the door.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - but, today's adventures will certainly be something we will be talking about for years to come!!!! Have a safe and happy Father's day!

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