Friday, June 26, 2009

So much for cleaning

Okay - if you know Dan you know that there was no way that I would be able to stay at home today and clean - there is territory that he hasn't discovered yet and places that he hasn't been to yet - so instead of cleaning we went to Upper Mesa Falls and Lower Mesa Falls. This is my charming man with Lower Mesa Falls in the background.

We also went out to John Sack Cabin today and talked with our neighbor - as it was her day to volunteer in the cabin. She gave us some background and showed how to close the cabin up after our shift. Tomorrow when we go out I think we will be working all day - not just doing an orientation as I first thought. Of course a full day runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm - not bad having a six hour day. We are suppose to met Sue and Tamara tomorrow for our orientation - I'm not sure how long Tamara will be there, but I know that Sue won't be there long as she has a meeting with a group tomorrow.

Today was an overcast and rainy day - it didn't rain all day, but there were times that it rained quite heavily - and it was pretty cool. When Dan and I left the cabin at around 4:30 this afternoon it was sprinkling rain and the temperature was a crisp 48 degrees. We had left the windows open at the 5th wheel - so when we got home we closed everything up and turned on the heat for a while. It sure felt good! (I know you guys back in Florida that are having 100 degree days don't want to hear about us having to turn on the heat, but facts are facts - sorry - NOT!) I came in and fixed dinner - yes, I cooked - don't faint! It wasn't that bad - but I am really going to have to keep the cooking at home up - we ate out for breakfast this morning and between breakfast this morning and dinner last night we spent more than we had spent the entire trip getting out here. So, after we went to the falls and before we went to the cabin we went to the grocery store and bought a few things - including eggs, bacon, and English muffins. No more eating breakfast out, except for an occasional treat.

We have been asking about the laundry issue and it looks like we will have to go into Ashton to go to a laundry mat (that's about 20 miles away), so we will probably make it a weekly trip - that's also where the closest grocery store is. If we go to Rexburg we can go to the closest Wal Mart - that's about 40 miles away. We'll just have to play it by ear for a while and see which one works out best for us.

The other issue that has not been resolved is the mail - Sue said she was going to check about us having our mail sent to the ranger's office. So we wanted to wait and see what she says about that before we talk to the post office - so, Joyce just hold on for a couple of more days. We should know something by the first of the week and we will give you a call and tell you where to send the mail. Hopefully, there isn't that much that will need to be sent.

We haven't made it to West Yellowstone or to the park yet - that will probably be something that Dan will want to do next week. He will want to go in to Jackson Hole also. There is also the Grand Tetons National Park and the Elk Sanctuary - but there is time. We have a couple of months and I know that we will be in these places more than once.

I hope all is going well for everyone and if you have any questions just let me know. BTW - I'm glad your home Patty Lou - I missed telling you good-bye, but will look forward to seeing you and everyone else back in Dowling Park in November!

Oh- one more thing - I'm working on getting all the pictures I have taken on this trip so far onto Picasa and then being able to share them on the web - and believe me there are MANY photo's! I'll let you know when I figure this step out - it just takes me a little while, but I usually get it -okay it takes me longer than a little while, but I eventually do figure it out! Keeping checking with me!

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  1. Dad looks like he is in his element! Awesome picture of the waterfall....can't wait to see the other pictures!


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