Sunday, June 28, 2009

At the Cabin

Okay - the first picture is me in front of the fireplace in the cabin - the second picture shows the main living area of the cabin. I hope you can see the pattern of the hardwood floors. They are beautiful. The second picture is taken facing the front door. It really is a beautiful place.
Today was just as busy as yesterday, if not busier. However, it came in spurts today - there would be times when no one would be there then 2 minutes later there would be 20 or more people. Dan and I are both pleasantly surprised at the number of families with children coming to the cabin. We think that it is great to share a little history with the kids while on vacation.
Dinner is over - I had planned on fixing soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, but it was pretty warm today (up to about 74) so Dan didn't want soup. Soooo, I fixed some chicken, corn on the cob and the last baked potato. We are going to watch a movie tonight - "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - we found a place just down the street that rents video's for $3.00 a night. Maybe we can stay up past 9:00 pm! BTW- just for your information - not only did I cook dinner tonight and pack our lunch I also fixed breakfast - scrambled egg sandwiches. It is usually Dan's job to fix breakfast, but yesterday at the cabin he fell down part of the stairs. He didn't seem hurt yesterday, but this morning his back hurt. We filled him up with ibuprofen and he rested for an hour or so this morning and then he said he felt better - I have made sure he has stayed on the pills and he says it doesn't hurt anymore - we'll see how he does tonight. Might give him some muscle relaxers and put him to bed. We'll see.
Tomorrow I MUST do laundry and clean - I told Dan that I wanted to get that done so it's not hanging over my head - then I think we will be heading into Yellowstone on Tuesday. He's already planning a back road route in to Jackson Hole. He sure does love this stuff!
I'll sign off for tonight. Those that are working - hope you have a good week - those that aren't - hope you have a good week also!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS..I have never know dad to fall! I was concerned for a split second, than accidentally started giggling! Sorry Dad..hope you're OK! Be careful!

  2. he's okay - hasn't taken any pills today - I think the reason he fell is his big feet didn't fit on the stair treads (the guy that built the house was only 4'11") - I was concerned too at first, but it's okay to laugh - I did too!!!


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