Sunday, June 14, 2009

The end is in site

Well, the house is empty and all cleaned - tomorrow is the closing. Dan is working on his tools and figuring out what he wants to take with him and what will be stored. The 5th wheel is finally straightened up and I actually cleaned it today - ran the vacuum, swept the floor, dusted the furniture, and cleaned the bathroom. We still don't know when we will leave Dowling Park yet exactly - it will be either Wednesday or Thursday of this coming week.

Now, where are we going?? Well, at the end of May we were thinking we would be going to a state park in Northeast Georgia - Bobby Brown State Park. We were all set to host in the state park for a couple of months. Hosting at a state park means you will be greeting and helping fellow campers as well as doing general cleaning - cleaning campsites when people leave and keeping the bathhouse clean. For performing these chores you are provided a full site campsite at no cost. Then we received a phone call from the park manager. It seems that the state of Georgia has been hit hard by the recession and has changed some of there parks to "honor system" parks which means that there will be NO paid staff on site and the camp hosts would have to perform more duties (which was not a problem) and there would be no help if needed for about 45 minutes - as the closest park with paid staff would be 40 miles away. Dan and I talked about this and since this would be our first experience at hosting we were a little worried. When out of the blue, we received a phone call from a park we had applied to before applying to Georgia parks. We were offered a position where we would work 2 days a week and only have to greet visitors and maybe a little light dusting. Not only would we be given a full hook up site we would be paid a small salary ($15.00 each per day) and milage from our campsite to the cabin where we will be working. So, where is this wonderful place you might ask???? IDAHO! Yes, I said Idaho - actually, right outside West Yellowstone. We are so excited about this that we can hardly stand it. We will be staying and working at Johnny Sack Cabin from the end of June until the second week of September. I'll keep you posted on what we do when we are not working - since we only have to work 2 days a week we will be doing a lot of site seeing.

Also, this is my first post using the "air card" - we will see how much of my KG's on my air card this will take - but it will be a lesson for me to see. I still haven't posted any pictures yet, but I will in the near future.

More on the financial end of this endeavor will come next week, along with our impression of our first days on the road. Should be interesting!

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  1. Hi Carol and Dan...
    How extremely exciting! What an amazing adventure you are beginning! Take care ... and have fun, fun, fun!!!
    Miss ya, Ruth Anne


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