Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Adventure Begins

At 7:30 am this morning - June 18th- Dan, Sam, Jessie, and I pulled out of Advent Christian Village and began our new adventure. If I was a little more tech savy I would post the picture our friends took of Dan and I in front of the camper right before we pulled out, but I haven't figured out where to plug in my memory card to my new computer yet - maybe I could hear from one of my daughters and they can fill me in on all this stuff.

No one prepared me for the feeling of complete fear that overcame me as we were completing the final preparations this morning. I was excited, yes, but also absolutely scared to death! As long as I don't think about the fact that this 5th wheel is the only home I have - I'm fine. I'll get used to the idea in time - it's just a little scarey for now.

The day went pretty well - we did have a 45 minute traffic delay right outside Lafayette, LA which put us into camp a little late (around 8:30 local time), but I have fed Dan and the girls and my Chicken and Dumplings are getting cold (I fixed them in the crock pot yesterday so all I had to do was warm them up in the microwave - pretty smart huh!)

The truck is getting awful fuel mileage (about 9 miles to the gallon) but Dan says we didn't buy the truck for the mileage - and other than breakfast and the campground - we didn't spend any money - we stopped at a rest area and I fixed a couple of sandwiches in the camper and we ate outside. This let the girls run around some and they were much better after we got back in the truck.

I think we are going to stay on a somewhat southern route and do a little site seeing on our way - will let you all know more about where we go later. I'll sign off for now - it's late and I need to finish eating. Let me know what you think and all you folks back "home" - we miss you already! Love to all.

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  1. We are looking forward to taking the journey with you on this site...Be Safe!
    Love ya..Mark, Dana and girls


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