Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organized Pantry

One of the things that I love about my new kitchen is the pantry area.  In my old kitchen the pantry was pretty much unusable.  It was in the corner of the laundry room and sat on an angle.  It was just a pain to try and get to and it did not hold much.  Not my idea of user friendly design.

When my dh and I started talking about remodeling the kitchen, a new pantry was high on my wish list - okay, there were a lot of things on my wish list but the pantry was definitely on the high side.

This was my kitchen BEFORE

                                              Can you say
                                             U - G - L - Y!!!! 
                         Even the flowers couldn't make this look good! 

The old kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house and I just hated the way it looked.   I hated to be in the kitchen - which meant I hated to cook (and since cooking is NOT my favorite pastime anyway it just made everything harder).   Now, I have to admit that the cabinets that are in the middle of the room were not there to begin with.  The dh took these off the wall and placed them to see where the new island would be and to give us an idea of placement. 

Let's fast forward to today -

                         Can we say - a little bit of an improvement?   
                          No, we can say a great BIG improvement

Now, if you look at the picture above you will notice a wall of doors.  Well, that is my new pantry!    Would you like to see what it looks like inside?  It's pretty sp-e-c -i-a-l !!

This is inside the door on the left side (the largest door).  These drawers pull out all the way so you can see and get to everything - even the things that are in the very back of the drawer.  *So you don't lose things in the back! SWEET!

All the containers in the pull out drawers are labeled on the front and on the top - so it is easily seen from both angles.

I also have the drawers divided with ingredients for bread and pizza dough making and also a "breakfast" drawer.  Then I have drawers with canned goods.

This shows how far the drawers pull out. Nice huh?

Baking drawer.

Then on the right I have smaller pull out drawers.  They also pull all the way out so you do not lose things in the back - can you say, GREAT idea!

On this cabinet the top drawer and the bottom drawer are attached to the door -
the other three drawers are free standing.

Then, if that wasn't enough storage, above the two big doors are two small doors.  There I have two wire baskets that pull all the way out and also two fixed shelves.

Another really nice thing about my new kitchen is - I'm not shut off from the rest of the house anymore.  I can see the fireplace, the TV, even out to the pool - all from my new, beautiful, kitchen.
And, with my new ORGANIZED pantry, I can find anything I need.

I know that you are not suppose to love inanimate objects - so I'll say that I really, really, REALLY like organized pantry!  (But really, what's not to love here?)  It is everything I wanted it to be, plus some. 

(OH, BTW, in case you are wondering what that is on the right in the picture above - well, it's my grocery list.  One of my little DIY projects that I will share in a later post.)

So, what do you think of my new kitchen and organized pantry?  If you could redo your kitchen what would be on your wish list?

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  1. a major improvement and great job on adding all the shelves And drawers and pullouts!

    1. Thanks Nina - I am really enjoying the new kitchen! It ALMOST makes cooking enjoyable - LOL!

  2. Visiting from Laughter and Grace...What an AMAZING transformation. Your kitchen is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Jennifer - I really like it! Finally have my "dream" kitchen - but now I don't have any excuse not to cook - LOL!

  3. Wow - you are one organized gal!! Glad you stopped by so I could find you! You left such great comments on my kitchen reno - but notice that I didn't show what's inside the cabinets! Need to get organized like you - I have those great pull out drawers but not the fantastic organized containers you've got going on!

    I forgot to mention that fab transformation - the before was almost as scary as mine!! You did an amazing job. Happy to be a new follower.

    1. Thanks Kelly for the kind comments! I love, love, love my new kitchen - I really need to show more about the organization in the rest of the kitchen - I have some GREAT deep drawers for the pots and pans that make life easier too! In this post I really was trying to highlight the pantry. (and I am a little OCD I guess - LOL) So glad that you are following and I look forward to seeing other projects in your home as well!

  4. Gorgeous new kitchen! So bright and clean-looking. Your pull-out pantry is most ingenious. No more digging to the back of a cupboard. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much - It does make it much easier to find things - but I don't have the excuse of "losing" stuff in the back of the pantry - LOL! Thanks for coming by!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comments! I love those drawers...great job on the transformation! :)


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