Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday

Well, here we go - another Monday, and the second week in February already.  So hard to believe!  I am still working on cleaning out my pantry and freezer, so the menu plan will take that fact into consideration.

I know that last week I told you that I would post the recipe for my thin crust pizza this week.  Well, I hope that you will forgive me, but I'm going to go back on that - but I have a really good reason.  You see, I made the pizza again this past week - and the dough did not turn out - I mean it was awful!  I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if the first week I did it was a fluke!   Soooooo, I'm going to make it again this week - if it turns out okay, then I'll post it next Monday - if it doesn't I'll be looking for a new recipe!

Now on to this weeks menu:

Super Bowl Sunday 2-5     Bar-B-Que Pork Sandwiches; Wings, Chips and Salsa
Monday 2-6                      Ham w/Mac & Cheese; Steamed Cabbage
Tuesday 2-7                     Chicken Burritos; Refried Beans
Wednesday 2-8                Spaghetti Bake; Garlic Bread
Thursday 2-9                   Tangy Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Broccoli
Friday 2-10                      MOVIE NIGHT - Homemade Pizza
Saturday 2-11                  Chef's Choice

I've added this new "category" on Saturday this month - Chef's Choice can be a lot of different things - from leftovers (which will probably be most of the time) or I can also do something different, if there is something that I've been wanting to try I can throw it in there - even my dh can decide what we will have that night (if he wants to cook it!).

If you would like to check out some other sites for menu planning ideas - check these out:


  1. I love the "Chef's Choice" night! That would be a perfect night to let my kid's decide what is for dinner (within reason, of course, lol!).

    1. You might even let them fix the meal - if it is something they could handle - or if they are old enough to handle cooking duties. It might be a good time to do some cooking lessons! In my house it's a great time for me to take a break and let dh plan a meal - and, if I'm really lucky, he'll cook it too!


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