Friday, July 23, 2010

We have a House!!

Okay folks, I told you that IF the deal with the house was a "GO" I would publish pictures, if not then it would just go away. Well, here are pictures of the house so I guess you can say that the deal went through. So, this is what you see when you walk in the front door of the house - the swimming pool out to the canal. Not too bad of a view. That is the good thing - and it's about all I can say is a good thing. There is so much work to do on this house - you just can't imagine. BUT, that is what Dan loves to do - actually we both love to fix up houses and change them into the diamond they can be- and it will definitely keep him busy for a while (and that's a good thing).

Anyway, I have had the home inspection done, talked to AC men - yard men - pool enclosure men - tree people - pool people - homeowners insurance people - you name it and I've spoken to them in the last two days. I have arranged for the electric to be transferred to our name - made arrangements for the water - for the yard to be mowed, the pool to be cleaned etc. I have been a very busy girl the last few days, but it is all done now and I can leave tomorrow knowing that everything that needed to be done is done. I just have to call the people I have talked to when the closing takes place and everything will be handled.

Tomorrow Melissa and I leave for Atlanta. My brother is having some problems (he is sick) so I want to see him and my mom. Plus I get to see my oldest daughter who lives in Atlanta too. I will fly home on Wednesday (early in the morning). It will be good to get "home" - I miss Dan and the girls. We have so much to talk about and plan - it will be fun. Of course, I also know that Dan will be chomping at the bits to get back down here and see the house - remember, he hasn't seen the house other than pictures of it. (Think he trusts me or what???) Anyway, I know that if we didn't already have reservations for the Redwoods, Yosemite, and the Balloon Fiesta we would be back here in Florida two weeks after we leave Juneau. As it is we won't be here until the second or third week of October (you can pretty well place it in your memory bank that it will be the second week, because after the balloon fiesta Dan will be "hell bent for leather" to get here, and that's okay.

Speaking of leaving for Atlanta - I will not be able to post again until I get back home, I don't think Melissa is going to take her computer and I don't have one with me - so I won't be able to get on line. Once I get home next week I'll get back to my normal schedule and let you know everything that is going on. Before I leave you for the next couple of days I'll give you one more picture of the house ------------------------
After we have all the palm trees taken out of the front yard and around the driveway it will really change the looks of the house, but they have to come out. Just give us some time and the place will look completely different.

I hope that all is going well you all of you - and I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures. I will do the best I can to get you all caught up on the trip and everything once I get back to Juneau.

In the meantime, take care and ------------------

I'll talk to you next week!!!


  1. Very nice.
    I just didn't realize you were getting off of the road this soon.

    Good luck with the house!

  2. Congratulations! Will October end your fulltiming career? People ask why we don't since we do travel so much. My answer is "if I do it all the time, it won't be special anymore." Besides, I like going "home" when I want. Can't wait to see your transformation of the house. What fun!

  3. Well, the view across the pool looks good enough for me. I was expecting something a whole lot worse from your comments. The front looks good also. I know it will be great for you and Dan.

  4. YEA!! Thanks for the pictures. Sounds like there will be plenty to do - however, the house look nice. Look forward to seeing the changes you guys will make. May your last month in Alaska go fast - with very little rain.


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