Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days - I guess the last time I blogged was last Friday night - before I jumped on a plane and headed down to Florida. I didn't mean to be cryptic or to worry anyone - really nothing is wrong with me or Melissa. There was just something that came up that I needed to check on.

So what would be so important that I would jump on a plane and fly to Florida at the spur of the moment??? Well, actually, it's a house - and not just any house, but a house on the canal to Lake June which we looked at when we were down at Highlands Hammock State Park back last December. We had told a Real Estate agent to let us know if this house came on the market - it had been deserted and we were told involved in a bitter divorce. Well, the house came on the market and it is in foreclosure - so Dan wanted me to come and look at it before we did anything "rash". Well, we have put an offer in and the bank has two days to let us know - which means they have until tomorrow. I don't know what will happen - Melissa says that we have bought an "ugly house", which is really true. It is an ugly house right now - it has sat empty for over two years - the yard looks like heck - very overgrown - but it can be a jewel. It will take lots of work, lots of money, and many long days, but it will be a beautiful place in a couple of years! (Plus, it has a pool for me and a dock on the canal for Dan!)

Anyway, it is not positive that we will get it but if we do I'll let you know. It doesn't mean we won't continue to travel - we just won't be full time any more - we will only travel in the summer - and we won't be doing assignments any longer. We will "just" travel - I think Dan will like that much better. The house will certainly give Dan something to do in the winter time - this house is one HUGE project - you just don't know. IF this deal comes together I'll post pictures, but I'm not going to show you unless it does. Just know that we are working on it.

Okay, so now you know about the great "secret" and the reason for my quick trip to Florida. I really didn't think you guys would think something was wrong - but I'm glad to know that some of you were reading. As I said, nothing is wrong with me or Melissa (or Justin for that matter) and I'll post pictures of the "ugly" house IF we get this thing together. I will be flying back to Juneau on the 28th of July one way or the other. I'll try and blog more while I am here - so just check in and see what is up. Thanks for sticking with us!

Take care and -----------------

I'll talk to you later!!!!


  1. Well, I am relieved. I was afraid it was illness in the family or something. Is Lake June in Sebring?

  2. No Linda - Lake June is in Lake Placid which is south of Sebring. Melissa says that we are actually in South Florida NOT Central Florida - oh well, it's still in Florida!


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