Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Berry Picking

Okay - thanks for those that are sticking with me on this journey - as I said before, this is going to tell "the good, the bad, and the ugly". I guess a couple of days ago you could say that it was "the bad and the ugly", but I think everyone is entitled to a down day every once in awhile and Monday was mine. I'm all better now and we are back on track.

There is actually some sunshine today - I would call today overcast - but that is better than "rain" - and I think that I will try and get out and do some berry picking. We have wild blueberries growing around us - not on cultivated "trees" like I used to pick in North Carolina - but on bushes that grow close to the ground. I really have a two prong plan on picking the berries - one, it will give us some for muffins and pancakes; two, it will get rid of a "bear attractor" (don't need the bear too close to the house!). Plus it will get me outside (so I guess it is a three pronged plan). Actually, last night when I took the pups out right before bed, I picked a good handful while I was waiting on them to do their thing. So, they are really close to the house. I won't have to go far to get plenty I don't think. I'll let you know.

Dan is out doing rounds this morning - he was starting doing the morning rounds without me - he has to get up so early to open the gate in the morning (he lets me and the pups sleep in) that by 9 o'clock he is ready to do something. I am usually only starting my second cup of coffee and, for those of you that know me, I don't do a whole lot before at least two cups. Actually it has worked out well - he leaves and does the rounds (checking bathrooms) while I have that second cup, then I get dressed, make the bed, clean up the kitchen, and like this morning - get a load of laundry started. It works well for both of us. If there is something big that needs to be done - then he will wait and we will do that later in the day (usually after 2 - that is when everyone who is leaving should be gone and the new people shouldn't be here yet). Not a bad schedule.

We are also going to have to go into the store today - there are a few necessities that we are out of - like milk and bread - so we will do a grocery run. Dan also wants to go by the library and see if he can find him something to read. We have tried several different books and he just can't "get into them". So, he thought, instead of spending money on books he is not reading he will try the library. Not a bad idea. I'm still reading on the ones we bought on the trip out here - have finished Laura Bush's book on my nook - and several of the paperbacked books - I think I have 6 left to read - about three quarters of the way through one. I'm good for a while. You might wonder what we do with the books that we have finished reading, or in Dan's case not read, well we have started a 'book exchange/borrow' thing here in the park. I have a plastic bin on the picnic table with a sign on it that so people know they can get a book. So far, it is working well and we have had several people use it. Just one more thing we are trying to do.

I wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement from the person in "sun drenched Texas" - it is nice to know that people care. Thanks - and I'm back on target! Just needed to get my act back together.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now - will let you know how the berry picking goes - maybe I'll have some pictures! In the meantime, I hope that you are having a good summer and staying dry where ever you are! Take care and -----------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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