Monday, July 5, 2010

Strange Day

Today has been a very strange day (ending with just erasing this entire post just as I was getting ready to post it!). I don't know what has been the problem with today - it just hasn't felt right. We have done our rounds for tonight and are in for the evening - in fact, Dan is getting ready to watch a movie.

I told Dan yesterday that I don't think I could live here in Juneau ( and not just because of the winters). I don't think I could handle the rain - it has rained here for four days and it is suppose to continue until at least Friday (when they say the chance of rain showers is only 70%). Anyway, I really don't even think I mind the rain that much - if only it were a little warmer. The HIGH today was 48 - yep, you read that right. In Florida, 48 would be a nice temperature in January NOT July 5th. I have only worn long sleeve shirts since we have been here - when I start to go outside I put on my hooded sweatshirt and then my rain coat over that. I think I am just tired of being cold - I don't feel like I ever get dried out. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it and I'm here until September 10th, so I might as well get used to it.

I have been trying to open an email that I received on Friday and had been unable to - so we loaded everything up tonight and went to McDonalds to use their free WiFi. You know that I had forgotten what it was like to use real Internet service - to be able to click on a web site and it to come up immediately. Wow! I think I have said it before , but I got better Internet service sitting on top of a mountain in rural Pennsylvania last fall than I get in the capital of Alaska. Oh well, another thing that I will just have to deal with.

It sounds like I am in a complaining mood tonight - see I told you that I just don't feel like things are right today, so instead of boring you with the complaints that I have - I'm going to sign off for tonight.

Take care and ---------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. Sorry to read that you're down in the dumps. You're such a positive person. I've always said that "You make your own fun." So...think of something fun to do and just do it. That same rain that's making life miserable for you brings the beautiful flowers you have enjoyed. I am enjoying your posts,although I am in sun-saturated Texas. That rain would make us feel cooler. LOL Keep your chin up!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement - today is a better day - still raining, but I feel better. And you are right - you make your own happiness - I'll just have to figure out how to get over the rain issue - don't worry, I will! Once again, thanks and I'll do better from now on!


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