Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Raining Again!

Well, today should be the worst day of our time here in Juneau, and it's raining! Hopefully that means it won't be as bad as if it wasn't raining. When we did rounds this morning some people were already packing up to go home - some said that they had had enough of the rain and were ready to pack it in. Other's didn't think the gate was going to be open (we have the cards ready to hand out). Anyway, it should be interesting to see how many people stay around and how many go home. Of course we will have our tourists, but I don't think they would be a problem. Of course, we did have someone knock on the door this morning at a quarter to 6 - she "forgot" she had to go to work this morning - Dan was NOT a happy host. We sometimes think that we need a sign on the door that says "Your lack of planning does not make it an emergency to us", but of course we can't. Sometimes it would be nice though.

Okay - enough of that! Yesterday I made a pot of soup (vegetable) in the crock pot. It was pretty good last night - but I think I should have saved it for today - it sure is cold and damp (47 degrees). Oh well, I did have some left over that we can warm up for lunch with a grilled cheese sandwich (maybe). That sounds pretty good.

We rented three movies on Wednesday - Four Christmases, Green Zone, and The Spy Next Door. Actually none of them have been that good - The Spy Next Door was sorta cute - with Jackie Chan - at least it had funny parts. Four Christmases was pretty dumb - I thought with Reese Witherspoon it would be pretty good - not. Dan will watch Green Zone today (they have to be back tonight before midnight - not going to be a problem!)

Yesterday we went in to Home Depot to look for a new electric heater - the big one that we use in the Living Room quit working on Thursday - so we took the one out of the bedroom (which is hardly ever used) and moved it down to the Living Room. We can not find another heater around here (you would think with temperatures in the 40's you could find heaters - no they have air conditioners out - go figure!). Anyway, I guess we will just have to look for one when we get back down in the lower 48 - it should be cool enough by then that stores will have heaters out again.

We went down and ate dinner Thursday night with one of the campers here in the campground - he is a native Alaskan (actually a Tlinget) and she is a "transplant". We had grilled prawns, fried rice and green beans - can you say YUMMY! I made a peach cobbler to take down for dessert - the blueberries are starting to get ripe, so Dan picked a few and I added them to the cobbler. It turned out pretty good. I have enough canned peaches (that I had put up when we lived in Florida) to make one more big cobbler or two more small cobblers. I'll have to wait and see what the occassion calls for to make that decision. (I can always buy canned peaches - but it won't be the same).

Well, I have pretty much caught you up to date on what has been happening around here. I hope that you all will have a fabulous 4th of July - no matter what you do - please be safe!

Take care and -----------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow


  1. Hope your "rain plan" works and that your 4th is relatively quiet. Sure am enjoying your adventures.

  2. Happy Fourth of July and may it rain!!!
    Our day will be rainy also - headed to C. Key for their Clam Festival and the Lights tonight.

    Hope your day turns out just the way you want it to.

    Hope the locals stay home.


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