Friday, August 5, 2011

Office Furniture Arrived!

The office furniture was delivered today and I LOVE it! (Are you suppose to love inanimate objects? No, okay, I really, REALLY like it a lot!) It just fits perfectly in the corner of the bedroom where we did not have anything before.

Well, that is not exactly true. When we first got the new bedroom furniture, we put the dresser on this wall instead of under the window as we originally planned. Then we were going to put the desk in the corner by the pantry. However; the more we lived with this arrangement the more we didn't like it (or should I say, I didn't like it.) So, I made the suggestion to my wonderful husband that we put the dresser under the window, as we had originally planned, and turn that corner into the "office". I know, I know. All the decorating magazines say NOT to put your office in your bedroom, but when you have a small house sometimes you do what you have to do. So, we searched for a desk that we both liked and just couldn't come up with anything.

My next suggestion was to go up to Winter Haven and go to the place where we purchased the bedroom furniture. I knew that they had a desk that matched the bedroom furniture when we bought ours and figured they would still have it. Wrong. I didn't know that they were going out of business because the owner has decided that he wanted to retire - I mean, just because he has had the store in the same location for the last 32 years doesn't mean that he should just take off and retire. (Just kidding!) Anyway, when we got up to the store he had sold quite a bit of his inventory (at 30% off) so the desk that I had seen on the floor was long gone. However, he could still order pieces, so that is what we did. Now - not for one minute did I even think about measuring the wall or asking what the dimensions were on this desk, but I guess it was meant to be because it just fits perfectly.

Now, I haven't had a chance to hang pictures or anything yet, and the desk top isn't quite the way I want it yet, but it's a start. I took the picture above so you could get an idea of where it sits in the bedroom. The only thing we don't have now are the pictures for over the bed (ordered), the curtains for the window where the dresser is (ordered), and decorative stuff for the desk along with some organizational stuff. Oh, and a TV stand (but that can wait). If you look toward the bathroom you might see that we got the leaded glass window pane hung today also.

This is a better shot of the window pane. We think it look pretty good. It is a visual break, but it doesn't take any light away from the shower area like the old wall did.

This is another shot from the door going into the bathroom. (I still need to get a better pot for the plant - but that will come too!)

So, tomorrow the chairs for the fireplace are coming (FINALLY!) and that will be all the furniture. Then we can really concentrate on getting everything settled. Dan is still working on the shelves around the fireplace, but he has had an earache for a couple of days now and hasn't felt like working. He will get them done in the next week I imagine, but I'll keep you posted.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend and I will talk to you later!

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