Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Finished Shelves

Yesterday was Dan's birthday and we had a little "pool" party.  Melissa, our youngest daughter, was baby sitting for a close friend of ours - so she brought Declan over to play in the pool for a while.  He is such a good baby and he and "Grandpa Dan" had a good time together as witnessed by the pictures below.

Doesn't really matter what your age is - having fun is having fun.  It just looks like Declan is saying to Dan "Let's Play" and Dan is saying "Okay, I'm ready!"  We all had a good time in the pool and later had a good dinner of grilled hamburgers with all the trimmings,  potato salad, and baked beans.  Then Melissa had baked Dan a wonderful homemade coconut cake (one of Dan's favorites).  So to say we were all stuffed when we finally left the table is a major understatement.

As many of you know, we have been working on the fireplace, and I kept saying that Dan would have it finished by this weekend.  Well, guess what?  He got it finished.  Actually, he finished it Saturday morning and then I spent some time getting things arranged on the shelves.
I don't know if you can really tell from this picture - and I probably should have posted another one - but we have displayed all the duck "models" that we have.  Some Dan had been given when we was a principal as gifts, but some were given to him by his brother before he passed away.  We have been wanting to display all of them in one of our houses, and have just never had a place to do so in the past.  So, I was determined to do so in this house.  I told Dan, "We live on a lake and ducks are everywhere.  How appropriate can it be to display your ducks here?"  So, they are up on the shelves.  There is still a little "tweaking" to do - like the box that is on the floor needs to be mounted on the wall - but he will probably do that one day the first part of next week.

The first part of the week, Dan and I worked out in the yard a couple of days.  We had been wanting to get the west side of the house cleaned up.  Not that it was really that messy - there were just some weeds growing in the flower beds that were put in when we had all the old landscaping taken out.  We have not planted anything in these beds yet - so it was just dirt and weeds.  This did not look too good and this is the side of the house that you first see when coming down our street.  So, we decided to get all the weeds out of the flower beds and at least spread some mulch so it would look better, even if we didn't have anything planted in them yet.  So, one day we worked on pulling all the weeds and sprayed it with Round-Up (hopefully will help with weed control).  Then the next day we got all the mulch put out.  You have to remember, we can only work in the morning because it has been so hot!  But we got it done and it looks so much better!

I big project for next week will be making the valance for the dining room.  We bought the lumber on Friday and we bought the material down in Fort Myers on Thursday.  I ordered the sheers on Friday - so they should be in toward the end of the week.  I think I will also try and get the valance done for the kitchen window and the faux roman shade for the master bathroom done this week.  I think we are going to buy a blind for the guest bath window that is over the tub.  I also think that we have decided what pictures to hang in the guest bath - and I hope we will get those up this week.  I did get the pictures hung over my desk - I still need to get a couple of floating shelves for one side - and I got pictures and metal art hung in the master bathroom.  So things are really coming together.  IF we get these little projects done this week I think we will have almost everything done.  Then we will concentrate on getting the garage cleaned up so we can get the stuff from the store room moved over and then start thinking about the garage sale. 

Our daughters that live in Atlanta are coming for a visit the first of September (it is also the youngest one's birthday) so they will be here for Labor Day and Melissa's birthday.  Hopefully, all these projects will be complete before they get here!  (I'm sure they will be!)

Well, I think I'll close for today.  I hope that you guys have a good week.  IF I had gotten a job I would be going back to work tomorrow - but I didn't, so I won't.  Will be working on other things around the house (I think I would rather be doing this!)  Take care and I'll talk to you later!

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