Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just working

It just seems like this week has gone by and nothing has been accomplished.  I know that this isn't true - or at least I hope that is the case- but it sure does seem like it.  Let us break down the week and see what we did get done.

Sunset on Lake June

Last Sunday evening we did take a ride on the boat at sunset and I shot a couple of pictures of the sun going down.  It was absolutely beautiful out on the Lake.  It wasn't too hot and the rain had already passed by which made it a nice time to be out on the water.  It was the first time in a while that we had been out on the boat - it had just been WAY too hot to be out, but hopefully, the weather will be cooling off some now and we will be able to spend some more time outside.

Monday we went into town and did some grocery shopping - I worked a little on the menu's, but I still have not gotten into really planning like I want to.  This is something that I am really going to have to do if I want to cut the grocery budget - but this week we bought a lot of staples that I had not bought since we had "moved" out of the house.  It was a big grocery trip, but I won't have to do that again for a while.

Tuesday we went back to IKEA - I know, it seems like we are living at the IKEA store, but I think that this trip will be our last trip.  We had some things that we needed to take back - the cabinet that we decided NOT to use by the fireplace and a couple of dividers that we bought for the kitchen pot drawer - since we bought the wrong size.  We wanted to pick up a new nightstand for the guest bedroom and a chair for small table here in the great room.  So, we decided to go Tuesday and get all that taken care of. 

Wednesday I spent the entire day working on the "faux" roman shade that turned out to be a complete disaster!  I ended up reworking the thing into something else entirely, which turned out looking pretty good (but I ended up doing that on Thursday).  On Wednesday, I also made the valance for the kitchen (that turned out fine).  I will have to say that most of the day was spent on that stupid roman shade that by the end of the day I was ready to throw in the garbage can!  I have to say that sometimes I have these hair brained ideas that just don't turn out the way I think they should - but you never know - and I was using a scrap piece of material and all's well that end's up well - right?

Thursday evening we had some people from school come to the house - actually, Melissa, our youngest daughter wanted to have an informal meeting at our house for the sixth grade team.  So, I fixed some cole slaw, Dan grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs that Melissa provided.  I spent most of the day just cleaning the house and making sure everything was fixed as much as it could be.  We hung the curtain in the kitchen, and I fixed the curtain in the master bedroom.  We had bought the shade for the guest bathroom and we got it hung and the pictures hung over the jetted tub.  I also got the tub area decorated and just put the finishing "touches" on things.  Well, everything was ready and about 15 minutes before people were suppose to get here the skies opened up and it started pouring down rain.  Poor Dan stood out in this downpour and grilled those hamburgers.  Because of the rain storm (and I do mean it RAINED), not everyone who said they were coming came, but there were about 8 to 10 people here and I think everyone had a good time.

Friday, Dan and I just chilled out here at the house and spent some time in the pool and pretty much just goofed off all day.  Friday afternoon we did go into Sebring - I had promised Dan a trip to Outback for his birthday and we had not been - so we figured a week late was better than never.  We were able to walk right in and be seated in a booth in the bar area.  The service was good and Dan always enjoys his Outback Special - I always get the Alice Springs Chicken.  (Boy, are we creatures of habit!)  After we ate, we went over to the "mall" and walked around for a little while - thought we could use the exercise.  Then we came back home.

Saturday afternoon I went up to Beef O'Brady for the Fantasy Football League sign-up.  Melissa had asked me to participate in the her league this year and I told her I would.  I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing, but I chose my team yesterday and we shall see what happens. (I think my team name will be the "Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi's", because I chose Mohamed Massaquoi as one of the players on my team!) The "draft" was only suppose to take a couple of hours, but because we ended up having fourteen people on the league and we each have sixteen picks - it ended up taking three hours instead, so I didn't get home until after 4 o'clock.  When I got home Dan said he wasn't feeling well, so we just stayed close to the house the rest of the afternoon.  I fixed him some chicken noodle soup for dinner and I ate a grilled cheese sandwich.  It was an early evening - we have been watching a lot of football thanks to the NFL channel and ESPN.  Lokks like next weekend we have the beginning of college ball and then in a couple of weeks the "real" NFL season begins.

Today we made a quick trip up to Lakeland to take Dana a recliner that we had, then my mom had.  Mom bought a new recliner so she didn't need this one.  We asked Dana and Mark if they wanted it and we took it to them this morning.   Tonight Dan is going to grill again and I am going to fix some french fries and have the left over cole slaw from Thursday. 

Our plan for next week is to get the garage clean - I mean actually cleaned up where I can get my car back into the garage.  It hasn't been in the garage since before we moved out of the house in May - I figure it will take at least three days - let's see how close I am to how long it actually takes.  Part of getting the garage fixed will be getting some things from the storage room - we have two gray storage cabinets that we want to bring over here - which means that we have to unload part of the store room to be able to get to the gray cabinets AND we will need to empty the gray cabinets to be able to move them!  It should be interesting (maybe I need to change my estimate to five days!)

Well, I think I'll sign off for this time, and maybe we did get some things done this week.   I hope that you all had a good week and that next week will be a good week for you too.  Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get a hurricane (a nice depression will be okay - we could use the rain, but PLEASE LORD, no wind!). 
Thought I would leave you with one more picture of the sunset on the lake - enjoy!

Talk to you later!

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  1. Still enjoying your blog. We are in mountains for a month.
    Linda and Darrell


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