Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AHH! The Chairs!

It seems that I have taken a mini vacation from the blog - I certainly haven't taken a vacation from here - Dan and I have been working as I think the pictures I have included in the blog will attest to. First, let me show you Dan birthday present - isn't it pretty? I know, I know - not exactly what you would think of as a birthday present, but it is what he wanted and I thought I had really messed up. See about two weeks ago I tried to order this from a place that we had first seen it and they didn't have it anymore. Now, I had postponed getting this thing for Dan because I wanted to get it for his birthday (which is actually on Saturday) and I thought I had messed up for sure. So, I get on line and start searching for the thing, I finally find one and the price is about the same ($10 more, but that isn't bad), so I order it. The order goes through and I see the shipping (No, I couldn't find a free shipping code for this company - that should have told me something) AFTER I had placed the order - the shipping on the thing cost almost as much as the actual thing did! Then I looked at how much the thing weighed and I saw why - 97.5 pounds!!!!! YIKES! Anyway, it showed up last week and to say that Dan was surprised that I had found it would be an understatement. He wasn't too happy when he found out how much money I spent, but it is what he wanted and it is now permanently attached to the concrete patio (we don't want it to blow away in a storm)! I think he will get lots of use from it and I think he likes it - although we did almost get a heat stroke putting it together last Saturday afternoon in 100 degree heat. I never said that we were smart.

Now, on to the namesake of the blog this week. You know, if you have been following along with the blog that we have been waiting for the chairs to go in front of the fireplace for a couple of months. We actually ordered these two chairs on the 30th day of May. Well, they finally arrived Saturday! Dan is very happy with them - and I must say that they fit perfectly where we wanted them.

And here they are. They swivel and rock and are going to be absolutely the best when we have a fire in the fireplace and I want to sit in front of the fire and watch TV, which is on the opposite side of the room. I can just swivel in my chair and see the TV with no problem. We still need to get a rug to go in front of the fireplace, and a lamp for the table, but I think you can get a general idea of what the area is going to look like.

This is a close up of the material - one my daughter's said "Mom, there's trout on the chair.", but there really isn't - there is bass are probably tarpon - but not bass. Anyway, once we get the bookshelves finished and the decorating done there with the ducks and the fishing stuff I think they will all fit in.

Dan and I have been working in the yard the past couple of days. I didn't take pictures today because the rain moved in just as we were finishing up, but I'll try and get pictures to post tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy - Take care and I'll talk to you later!

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