Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Menu

Okay, this is getting to be a habit!

First of all, we did not stick to the menu plan on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Why?  Well, we had the opportunity to go up to our camper in Dowling Park - so, we left as soon as the baby girl was picked up and headed   north.  We ate on the road Thursday night and then Friday and Saturday we ate with our friends.  Sunday night, after we got home, I fixed a pizza while we watched some football (and it was probably the best pizza I have ever fixed - don't ask me why, but it turned out really well!).

So, let's get with this week's menu plan.

Let me say that I have not started out very well sticking with the plan - the weather here has really taken a turn on the "cool" side - so, I fixed a big crock pot full of chili last night.  It was really nice and helped take the "chill" off last night - but let me show you what was planned and what will "probably" take place.

"The Plan"

Monday, October 29 - Southwest Taco Pie
Tuesday, October 30 - Oven Baked Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, Corn
Wednesday,October 31 - Chicken Alfredo, Noodles
Thursday, November 1 - Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans
Friday, November 2 - Pizza
Saturday, November 3 - Chili & Cheese Dogs, Potato Chips
Sunday, November 4 - Easy Taco Soup

"The Probable Plan"

Monday, October 29 - Chili, Cuban Bread
Tuesday, October 30 - Southwest Taco Pie
Wednesday, October 31 - Easy Taco Soup
Thursday - November 1, Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans (maybe)
Friday - November 2 - Pizza
Saturday - November 3 - Chili & Cheese Dogs, French Fries
Sunday, November 4 - Black Bean and Sausage Stew

While I might not have taken pictures of what I did cook last week - I did take some pictures of a dessert I made - so, I'll post it later in the week.  Also, I'll show some of the projects that we have been working on around here (no, we haven't just been sitting around twiddling our thumbs).

Hope you'll come back by later in the week and see what we have been up to - until then - I hope and pray all of you that are in the northeast are okay and staying safe - our thoughts are with you!

Hugs -



  1. "The Plan" is more tempting for this household.
    My corner of South-Western New Brunswick has just gotten lots of rain and wind so far. We are on the luckier end of Sandy being on the outer vicinities of the effected areas.
    My heart goes out to also those families who lost loved ones and / or their houses etc.!
    Have a good rest of the week,

  2. Hi Sue - We have gotten our first taste of "cool" weather due to Sandy - isn't it amazing how she has affected the weather in about 1/2 the North American Continent? It has been in the 40's at night and 60's/low 70's during the day. I know that doesn't sound very "cool" to most - but for south Florida that is pretty cool. Anyway, soup has sounded really good for us.
    I can not believe the pictures of New York and New Jersey- the fires on top of everything else. I hope and pray for all those affected by this storm.
    I hope your the rest of your week goes well.
    Hugs -


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