Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Menu

So, I've been a little busy doing all kinds of things other than what I should be doing - which includes planning the menu's for this month.  (It's October already - how did that happen????)  Can I tell you what  -  well, here is a list of a few things - 

1. Mountain Man having me in Sebring several days looking at new golf carts.   Yes, it is a big decision in this household as to what golf cart to buy.  Who knew that there were so many choices to make - 
color of the body, 
the roof, 
the seats, 
size of the tires, 
what dashboard, 
steering wheel
 - even what color you paint the inside of the roof 
(a different color than the outside - Really?).  
In fact, he is back in Sebring today talking to the guy and trying to make the final decisions.

2. Selling the motorcycle last week (thank you Lord)!  
But that also means that Mountain Man had to deliver it to Tampa.   
He did get what he wanted for the motor, so we can't complain.

3.  Looking at a 'new to us' truck.  You see, MM has always wanted a King Ranch 4 X 4 (actually, this is the first truck that he has owned in like 20 years that is not a 4 X 4).  Anyway, he knows a guys here in town that has a truck that he has been "coveting" and this guy decided to trade it in on a new Mustang (yeah, you can't figure guys, right?).  So, we have been to the dealership twice - once to put our name on the list, and once to actually look at the truck.  Now, the funny thing is, I think he has talked himself out of buying the truck.  I don't know that for a fact, but we shall see.

4. Now, this is the big one - and I'm not even sure I should share it yet. 
But you know me, I just can't keep a secret.
(not that it is really a secret)
So, here goes - 
We spent three days in the last week looking at houses - to buy.
Yes, I know that I said that we were just going to rent for awhile, but I don't think this renting thing is for us.

Anyway, we are looking, but we haven't found "the" house. 
(although I am leaning toward one, but it would need to drop in price a lot!)
So, while we are looking - and will continue to look - as of right now, we have decided to "hunker down" and just stay here.  We do still have until January on our lease - so we shall see.  Let's just say that we are open to the possibility of buying another house here.

So, the point to all this is - I  have NOT done the menu's for this month yet.  It will be done in the next few days (maybe the weekend), but this week will be 'off the cuff'.  

I do know that we will be having country ribs, potato salad, baked beans, garlic bread, and peach cobbler Wednesday night.  Why do I know this?  We're having company - so I know what I'm fixing then.  Other than that - I have no idea.

Hope that you are more together on this Monday morning than I am -
and here's wishing you a fabulous week!

Hugs -

(aka - the lazy one)


  1. Boy oh boy, that is a big pile of decisions to make. Good luck on the house shopping, that alone can be exhausting.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Sue -
      Yes, I'm just tired of making decisions - we have actually made up our minds on three of the four things listed (well, actually two - the other one was selling the motor and that has been done - LOL). But, I still haven't made the menu's up yet - and we didn't have country ribs tonight - go figure!
      Hugs friend!

  2. hi carol! that is a lot going on for you! best wishes on house hunting! thanks for stopping by my blog! my mom grew up in Florida, so i know what you mean about missing your fireplace. we have one...but it's gas & doesn't work :( and the owner of the house isn't wanting to fix we will just imagine a fire this year!

    oh, peach cobbler is one of my favorites! yum!

  3. The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys! Seems to ring true no matter what their age. Good luck on all of that.

    I'm still reeling from you selling that beautiful house you created from the mess it was when you bought it. I think you are a glutton for punishment.

    I think I fixed that word thing while posting to my blog. I didn't realize it was on. Try again and let me know.

    Thanks for remembering me on my birthday.

    Hugs, Donna

    1. Hi Donna -

      Yes, I agree - the price of the toys just gets larger and larger. At least, Dan has talked himself out of the truck - but he has ordered the new golf cart.

      They are times that I really miss the house we remodeled, and there is more water in the lake now than there has been in the last 10 years - of course, we don't have a boat anymore.

      We shall see what happens with the home search - we are still looking and have ruled out several that we "thought" would be the right one. At least we are still looking.

      Hope you had a fabulous day on your birthday - baby calls!

      Hugs -


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