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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday menu (okay, TWO days late)

Hello everyone!  Okay, I know that I'm late - I was all ready to do some cooking this weekend and have it ready to post this week.  However, sometimes things happen to put all that on the back burner.  In this circumstance, it was my mom falling in her driveway on Saturday.  We spent most of Saturday in the emergency room and she did break a rib, but it could have been sooooooo much worse since she fell flat on her back and hit her head.  Anyway, I spent most of the weekend with her - so I didn't get the cooking done.

Well, here is the menu plan for this week (and I can tell you that, so far, I have stuck strictly with 'the' plan.

Weekly Menu Plan
October 22nd - October 28

Monday, October 22 - Jambalaya, Corn Bread
Tuesday, October 23 - Chicken Burritos, Refried Beans
Wednesday, October 24 - Ham, Mac & Cheese, Fresh Green Beans
Thursday, October 25 - Pepper Steak, Rice, Rolls
Friday, October 26 - Pizza
Saturday, October 27 - Chili & Cheese Dogs, Potato chips
Sunday, October 28 - Chicken Salad

Have a fabulous rest of your week.

Hugs -



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  2. mom, do we need to revisit the rules of when it is absolutely necessary to call your daughter who doesn't live down the street? hmmmmmm....

    1. If things had been worse then I would have called - however, she is doing okay - won't let anyone stay with her and was out pulling weeds yesterday (although I fussed at her for that)!
      Love ya -

    2. for future reference, in my role book, a hospital visit counts. regardless.

  3. all the best for your Mom! Life happens and if you would have not found the time to post, it would have been OK too!

    1. Thanks Sue! She is doing much better and I will get it together at some point!
      Hugs -