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Happy Thanksgiving

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  This year was certainly different than last year.

Last year we had twenty something people here at the house - and the house was in it's original shape.  This is a picture of the Thanksgiving table last year. 

This is the same room, just a year later - and a much smaller group for dinner.  (But if you look real close you can see that the same decorations are used in both pictures - just in different ways!)

This year it was just our immediate family, and by 'immediate' I mean the family that lives here in Lake Placid - Mom, Melissa, Justin, Dan and I.  We had a somewhat untraditional dinner as we did not have turkey this year.  Melissa and Justin don't like turkey, and Mom only eats white meat, so we decided that we would have ham this year instead.  Dan put it on the smoker and it turned out GREAT!  Then I fixed candied yams, dressing, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, green beans with slivered almonds, and rolls.  M…

Garage Sales

Today we were suppose to have our garage sale.  Notice I said suppose to - no, we didn't get it together this week with me working/volunteering four days and then going into the doctor's one day.  So, I guess we will try and get things priced and ready for the first weekend in December (not going to try and do it the weekend after Thanksgiving - we don't think that it will be a good weekend to have a garage sale - but then who knows!)  The main thing is we have to get the furniture that we have stored in the neighbors garage out before they get here for the winter.  I'm not sure where we are going to put it since our garage is STILL a bloody mess (sorry Donna, I still haven't been able to get it clean)! 

Which leads me to my next problem.  I really want to get the garage clean - I have decided that my clean and Dan's clean are two entirely different ideas when it comes to the garage.  We have made some head way in the straightening department by buying four la…

Roasted Turkey for Recipe Wednesday

I know this post is a little late in the day, but I taught again today, so I just got home.  I will have to figure this schedule out IF I continue to teach every day!  (Actually, so far it hasn't been bad - the kids are definitely better than last year and I haven't minded it at all!)  You just never know what is going to happen around my house!

Okay, lets get to cooking - I told you last week that I wanted to look at Thanksgiving recipes.  Well, the star of all Thanksgiving dinners is the Turkey, right?  I know that so many of you are afraid to cook a turkey and I really can't understand why.  It really is NOT that difficult IF you start with the right turkey.  Now, before I go any further, I want to make it understood right up front - I AM NOT A GOURMET COOK - I AM NOT EVEN WHAT I WOULD CONSIDER A GOOD COOK.  I AM JUST A REGULAR PERSON WHO HAS TO MAKE DINNER JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!   (I actually find it pretty funny that I am trying to show you how to cook - that is rea…


Well, today I taught school again.  Yeah, I know - I wasn't going to do that again, but you know, when your baby is sick you do what you have to do.  What is in the world am I talking about?  Well, those of you that have read my blog for awhile know that my youngest daughter teaches Middle School and I taught at the same school last year.  Then I re-retired at the end of the school year last year ( a lot of that due to the trouble I had and part due to the budget cuts and my position being cut).  We also know that my youngest daughter is expecting her first child - and she is having a really rough time.  She is having a lot of morning sickness - well, I really shouldn't even call it "morning sickness" it should be called "all day sickness".  She is sick from the time she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night (almost).  So, she asked me if I would go on the sub list so I could teach her classes when she has to be out.  Well, I am now on the s…


Today is my first blog on what I might call "Recipe Wednesday" (do you like the sound of that?).  I thought I would blog about Thanksgiving meals, but then I realized that I didn't have any pictures of food that I had cooked for Thanksgiving.  Well, that is not exactly right - I do have some of Thanksgiving dinner from about four years ago, but I don't have any of the individual dishes being prepared or the steps to prepare them.  So, how am I going to share with you the recipe's if I don't have pictures to go along with the recipes?  I haven't figured that one out yet, Dan just might be a Guinea pig in the next couple of weeks so I can have pictures (but I am sure he won't mind).  However, before I do get to the recipe that I have done for today's blog I wanted to explain why I wanted to start the Wednesday Recipe segment.
Have any of your noticed the "menu's" being featured in all the magazines for Thanksgiving dinner?  Okay, just…


Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is coming up and that November is the month that everyone stops and looks at their lives and picks things that they are thankful for.  Boy, do I ever have things (multiple) to bebe thankful for this year!  Not that I haven't had in the past, but I think I am just like everyone else - we just take SO much for granted.

Well,  the author of one of the blogs I read (which I have included a link to at the end of this post) Becky has challenged people to name things that they Thankful for every Monday during the month of November.  Okay, I'm going to do that - only I will start a day late - although I guess you could say my second post yesterday could be my Monday Thankful moment - even though I did not title it as such.

If, by chance,  you did not read my post last last night, allow me to regress a little.  My youngest daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child early next summer.  This precious child will be my first grandchild, and to s…


Well, This has to be a record - two posts in one day - but I just could not wait to let you know the fantastic, fabulous news.  I have been waiting patiently (well, maybe not patiently, but I have been waiting)  for over a month to be able to tell you and I can finally let you know the fantastic, fantabulous news  -------

Melissa and Justin, my youngest daughter and son-in-law, are expecting their first baby!  

I'm just "over the moon"!  I am sure positive you will hear a lot about this in my future blogs, but I just wanted had to let you know.

               I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         I am going to have my firstgrandchild early next summer.



Well, this is the patio area in the back of our house - I have shown it as the header for the blog now for a little over a year (since we have moved into the house a year ago last August).  However, this space has gone through a LOT of changes in the last year.  I wonder if you can spot them all.

The first picture was taken in October of 2010.  We had just gotten the new patio furniture and had arranged the patio.  We were pretty pleased with it at the time.

This picture was taken just two months later in December of 2010.  Can you spot all the changes that we had already made (other than the Christmas decorations)?  There are quite a few.

Okay, this one was taken in May of 2011, right after we moved back into the house after the remodeling project was finished.  Can you spot all the changes in this one?  (I think this is the one that is the header on the blog now, but it will probably change in the next few days for .........)
Finally, this is a shot that I took today - other than t…

November Decorations

Thursday was the day to change from Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving. I started at the front door and the entry way table.

Then I moved into the Dining Room - first, of course, was the dining room table.  There wasn't much to change around there - just took the cypress knee "ghost house" out of the arrangement and added the long legged turkey.

I did do the turkey and the horn of plenty on the hutch.

On the buffet I just added the soup tureen and the Thanksgiving plaque.

The Hoosier only saw the addition of a shelf sitter and a candle with candle ring.

The baker's rack on the back porch got another turkey and fruit arrangement - candle and "Harvest" arrangement with some flowers.

The fireplace mantle has it's own theme and fall/Thanksgiving decorations. I think the house is all set for the holiday - now I just need to get the menu set for "the" meal.   I will write about that next week - I am somewhat on my "soapbox" again, but I…

Organized Freezer

I don't know if you remember, but a couple of weeks ago I talked about organizing my freezers - both the side by side in the house and the one outside in our garage.  Well, I never posted pictures of the project - so I thought I would do that today.

This is a picture of all the stuff out of the freezer inside the house.  Now, you can't tell from this picture, but when we did the house remodel I wanted a farm sink - so, we got a HUGE one.  There is a lot of stuff here - and before I couldn't find anything.  Which meant, when I went to the grocery store, I just bought more of what we already had OR I would think I had something and I would get ready to fix it and, you guessed it, I really wouldn't have what I needed!  ERRRRRRR!
This lead to the decision to stop the madness and organize the freezer  (imagine a deep voice and an echo sound effect).  So, what do you have to do to organize your freezer, you might ask.  The first thing is to measure the shelves in your freez…