Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Decorations

Thursday was the day to change from Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving.
I started at the front door and the entry way table.

Then I moved into the Dining Room - first, of course, was the dining room table.  There wasn't much to change around there - just took the cypress knee "ghost house" out of the arrangement and added the long legged turkey.

I did do the turkey and the horn of plenty on the hutch.

On the buffet I just added the soup tureen and the Thanksgiving plaque.

The Hoosier only saw the addition of a shelf sitter and a candle with candle ring.

The baker's rack on the back porch got another turkey and fruit arrangement - candle and "Harvest" arrangement with some flowers.

The fireplace mantle has it's own theme and fall/Thanksgiving decorations.
I think the house is all set for the holiday - now I just need to get the menu set for "the" meal.   I will write about that next week - I am somewhat on my "soapbox" again, but I will save that for later.

Thursday night, while I was fixing dinner, I had a little disagreement with a knife.  Guess who won?  Yep, you guessed it, wasn't me!  I ended up cutting the heel of my left hand - thank goodness it was not that deep and did not require stitches - but it is a little sore and is bandaged up (Dan is quite the nurse).  It is much better today and I am able to use it much more than I have been able to the past couple of days.

Friday, we took the boat up to our son-in-law to see if he can find out what is wrong with the motor.  He is a really good mechanic and, hopefully, Mark can find the problem and fix it without it costing us an arm and a leg (keep your fingers crossed!). 

Today we did some garage sales this morning (really didn't buy anything - I really envy wish we had the kind of garage sales that I sometimes read about - but so far, Dan and I have yet to see any of those) after drinking our coffee and reading the paper in front of our second fire in the fireplace.  It was a nice cool morning and the small fire sure felt good - it was a nice change from all the hot weather we have been having here in South Florida.   Of course, we really don't need anything at the garage sales (in fact, we need to have ours)- so I just say that it's research  and it gives us something to do on a Saturday morning. 

After the garage sales we went into Sebring to Lowes to look at some flowers for the front flower beds and Walmart to pick up a few groceries and a set of dumb bells for Dan's exercise program that he is suppose  now going to be on.  I sure walked him more than his allotted 15 minutes today, and it wore him out.  In fact, while we were in Walmart he was so tired he was just leaning on the cart - so I told him to go to the truck and I would finish up and just meet him out side.  We came straight home and after I fixed lunch he went straight to his chair where he has napped off and on the rest of the afternoon.  I think that sometimes we both forget that he still has not built all his strength back up yet and he tends to over do.  He'll get it back but it will just take a little time and we need to be patient.

So, what do you think of the Thanksgiving decorations?  Do you decorate your house for the holiday?


  1. Your home is so beautiful and tasteful! Yes, I decorated some here at the cabin, but will take it down tomorrow as we will be heading back to Florida Tuesday. Don't think I will decorate any for Christmas as we will go to NM for Christmas with my sister and then we are flying the whole family out (we will drive the suburban) to celebrate Christmas and then go to Yellowstone for 4 days of snowmobiling. Darrell has always wanted to do that so it's our gift to the family.

  2. That sounds like sooooo much fun - you will enjoy Yellowstone, but we won't tell Dan or he will claim he is your long lost brother!


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