Saturday, November 19, 2011

Garage Sales

Today we were suppose to have our garage sale.  Notice I said suppose to - no, we didn't get it together this week with me working/volunteering four days and then going into the doctor's one day.  So, I guess we will try and get things priced and ready for the first weekend in December (not going to try and do it the weekend after Thanksgiving - we don't think that it will be a good weekend to have a garage sale - but then who knows!)  The main thing is we have to get the furniture that we have stored in the neighbors garage out before they get here for the winter.  I'm not sure where we are going to put it since our garage is STILL a bloody mess (sorry Donna, I still haven't been able to get it clean)! 

Which leads me to my next problem.  I really want to get the garage clean - I have decided that my clean and Dan's clean are two entirely different ideas when it comes to the garage.  We have made some head way in the straightening department by buying four large shelves that we have placed back to back beside the closed cabinets.  We have decided that the front half of the garage will be Dan's workshop and the back half will be the area that I can have clean (at least, that is the plan).  Right now, we still have to get Dan a workbench and move some things around before we can really make it into what Dan really wants - but we will get there.  It is just going to take some time (and money)!

I hope to work on some areas here in the house this week and try and figure out, for sure, what I am going to be doing for Christmas presents this year.  Most things will be made - I have already made a couple of things and I have some ideas for some other things - it will just finding the time to get everything done that I want to get done - but I'm sure it will all work out.

Now, as far as working/volunteering.  Right now I am planning on going to work with Melissa everyday until Christmas break (that will be three weeks, I think).  I think that if we can make it through Christmas we will, hopefully, be through the "morning" sickness stage.  Of course, we will just have to see how things go - and I will do what I have to do.  Thursday we pretty much "tag teamed" the kids.  When she started feeling bad I would take over and she would sit until she felt better, then she would take over again.  By us being able to do this she was able to make it all day (and the kids didn't suffer any - in fact, I think they had it made - they had two teachers for the price of one!).  Friday she was better - she pretty much "grazed" all day - when ever she started feeling bad she would eat just a little bit and sit - that seemed to work.  Hopefully, when we get past that magic three month stage the morning sickness will go away and things will be better - at least that is our prayer!

This next week, between trying to get some organizing done, garage sale pricing done, garage cleaned, Thanksgiving cooking done, and hosting Thanksgiving dinner we will also be putting up Christmas decorations!  Yep, time to start thinking about Christmas decorations.  It is a tradition in our house to put up Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving - so, Friday Thanksgiving will be packed up and Saturday and Sunday Christmas will be put up.  Whew!  Will be a busy week.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now - but before I do - one last word.  I'm going to say that I am just going to do my blog the way I have always done my blog.  I will just tell it the way it is in our house and not try and be someone I'm not.  I might still do the recipes on Wednesday - especially with the holidays, but then again, I might not (doesn't seem like a lot of people want them anyway!)  I'll show you the projects that I have done and the things that we are working on.  I hope you will continue to come back and read about our hectic life - take care - and I'll take to you later!


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  1. I'll be interested in seeing the ideas you're using for Christmas gifts to make.


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