Monday, November 7, 2011


Well, this is the patio area in the back of our house - I have shown it as the header for the blog now for a little over a year (since we have moved into the house a year ago last August).  However, this space has gone through a LOT of changes in the last year.  I wonder if you can spot them all.

The first picture was taken in October of 2010.  We had just gotten the new patio furniture and had arranged the patio.  We were pretty pleased with it at the time.

This picture was taken just two months later in December of 2010.  Can you spot all the changes that we had already made (other than the Christmas decorations)?  There are quite a few.

Okay, this one was taken in May of 2011, right after we moved back into the house after the remodeling project was finished.  Can you spot all the changes in this one?  (I think this is the one that is the header on the blog now, but it will probably change in the next few days for .........)

Finally, this is a shot that I took today - other than the decorations for Thanksgiving - can you spot the changes that we have made since May?

So, what is the purpose of this little exercise?  I think I wanted to let you know that I (we) are always changing things.  Nothing is ever completely "finished" - you can always 'tweak" things and change things around.  You might like something when you first do it, but as you live with it you realize that, if you did "this" (whatever "this" is) it would work better for you and your family.  Or, you might find that it just looks better.  I think that sometimes we (I mean the collective "we" here) try to fix things and think that we are all done - I don't think things are ever 'all done'.  Our tastes change - our lives change - we are NOT stagnate - so I don't think our homes should be either.

Does that mean I want you to go out and spend a lot of money on stuff to change your house/decorating?  Good heavens, NO!!!!!  Case in point, other than the changes that were made during the remodeling (and there was one) any changes made in any of the above pictures was very minimal cost wise - in fact, most were made with things that we already owned and had been in storage or had been used somewhere else previously.  If you do need to buy things to decorate your home, do it in stages!  Don't go out and try to buy everything all at one time, get a few things and live with them for a little while before adding new things.  Sometimes it takes a while before you know how you are going to use a room (remember how Dan and I went back and forth on whether we were going to use the front room as the living/family room or the dining room?  If we had not moved the living room into that room and lived with it for a couple of months and realized that it just wasn't the right fit for us we could have made a very costly mistake when we did the remodeling project!)

Over the next few weeks I would like to show you more of the house with the before/during/ and now (notice I didn't say "after") shots so you can see the process I go through as Dan and I are making our home here work for us. 

I also am going to try and make one other "change" in the blog itself.  I am going to try and post some recipe every week that I have made during the week - or, since Thanksgiving is coming up, I will make for Thanksgiving dinner.  You might find something that you can use - at least I hope so.  If I have additional time I would also like to show you some project that I have been working on - but that might not be as easy since some of the things that I am doing right now are Christmas presents, and I think my girls still read my blog (at least occassionally) and I sure wouldn't want them to see their Christmas present!  I'll see how that works out.  Let's see how that plays itself out.

Okay, I will be interested to see IF you can find all the changes that have been made over the year that we have been in the house.  Leave me a comment and see if you can tell me where all the changes are - I'll be looking to see who can spot them!

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