Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

Today we took another trip into Lakeland - only this time was for Dan' six months check-up with the doctor.  He really doesn't have any complaints - just has to go in every six months because of the medications that he takes for his high blood pressure (which was pretty good today) and his cholesterol.  He did not have to have lab work done today - we won't have to have that done until we go back in another six months.  We do have a couple of other tests that we will have to go back for in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully they will not be anything to worry about.

The thing about going into Lakeland - it just ruins the whole day - the appointment was at eleven this morning - so we left home at nine. We were out of the doctor's office by about 11:30. We did go out to the shopping center on the south side of Lakeland and go into Kirkland's Home Store. We really didn't need anything, but just wanted to look around. Ended up buying a lamp for the end table by the chair in the bedroom for $30 (lampshade and all) - I didn't think that was too bad, you can pay that much for just the lamp shade.  Anyway, we liked the looks of the shade and think that it looks pretty good in the bedroom.

Now, by the time we left Kirkland's it was about 12:30.  Neither one of us was hungry since we had gone through the drive thru at McDonald's on the way up to Lakeland for a sausage biscuit.  So, we decided we would wait until we got back home before eating lunch.  After our two hour trip back home it was almost 2:30 before we made it back to Lake Placid.  I fixed us a chicken sandwich before going back up to the bank to take them the "Point of Sale" form for the camper. 

That little trip took another couple of hours, as we can't just take something in and drop it off - oh no, not us.  We have to sit and talk to all the bank personnel  - from the girl that we always deal with to the bank manager and assistant manager, even one of the tellers.  You can never say that we just run in somewhere and just leave - we ALWAYS take at least thirty minutes to do a five minutes transaction.  The only way we can do something in a hurry is to use the ATM.  Anyway, that is one of the advantages of living in a small town - you do get to know the people at the bank and anywhere else that you frequent.

For example, we usually go out to eat for breakfast to a place call Main Street Diner at least once every weekend.  Well, the waitresses have gotten to know us, and since we ALWAYS order the same thing (creatures of habit we are) it has almost gotten to the point where, when we walk in, they ask us "The usual?"  That's a neat thing about small towns - if you can get used to it - and Dan and I happen to like that aspect of small town living.

Anyway, back to the point I was making before I got side tracked is - we didn't get a whole lot accomplished today.  I did cook dinner tonight - spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread.  We are trying to figure out where our first "check out" trip with the camper will be and WHEN it will be - probably sometime around the third weekend in October.  We will have to wait and see - but I'll keep you updated on  "Traveling In The Outback" blog.

Speaking of "Traveling In The Outback" - thanks for the comments about the new blog - I think that you have to be a "follower" before you can leave comments on the blog - I also know that some people have been having problems making comments on the blog at times and have just sent me messages on my email address or on facebook.  I hope that all of you that read this blog will follow along as I start with the other blog too.  I will make sure that each is different from each other.  (If you haven't looked at the new blog yet, please do - the blog address is - I would love to have you come along on this new adventure with us!

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