Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Samantha and My Chair

Do you all remember how much trouble Dan and I went through to find the "perfect" chairs for the house?
I looked at hundreds of chairs and thousands of different fabric combinations for JUST the right look.
Okay, well maybe not hundreds of chairs and thousands of fabrics but I certainly looked at more than just a couple and I agnoized over the right choice.

So, imagine my surprise when Samantha has taken over my chair.

You think I am kidding?

Well, look at these pictures and you will see that I am telling the truth - honest Injun!

                                                               Talk about ignoring me. 

The really funny thing is - she will make the chair rock.  Really, she will sit in the chair like this and then push on the back and make it rock.  I really think that if we had an extension on the lever she would kick that chair back and just chill out.  Honestly, if I don't make it to the chair first I'm just out of luck! 

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to sit some where else!  Guess it could be worse!  You Gotta love that pup!

Check in later - for "Dan's bored - Part Two"!

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