Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dan's Bored - Part Two

Saturday morning dawned bright and hot, as is normal in mid September in South Central Florida.  I thought that maybe, just maybe Dan would be happy with our little adventure from yesterday (if you missed it read the blog from a couple of days ago).  When I got up, poured my cup of coffee and walked out to sit by the pool - our usual routine for the weekend.  I take a look at Dan and I see, by that look, I am still in trouble.

Me: "So, what's up?"
Dan: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I know that look - what's up?"
Dan: "You want to ride up to Kississime?"
Me: "Why?" (as if I don't know, but I want him to spell it out!)
Dan: "I want to go look at the camper."
Me: "What camper?"
Dan: "You know what camper."

Well, of course I knew what camper he was talking about.  We had looked at these campers on line since May, but just hadn't been able to find the right one at the right price.  Well, the RV dealership (a Camper World) had a used one and had dropped the price from about $20K to $16,900.  Well, I'm not stupid and I know that when Dan get it in his head that he wants to at something I just better hold on and see where he leads me (remember I told you that it sometimes costs us money!)

Anyway, we load up in the truck and head up to Kississime to the dealership - as we are getting close Dan decides that we are going to "play dumb" and not tell the salesman that we are looking at this particular unit and see what he shows us - I tell him that I am keeping my mouth shut and letting him "do his thing".  When we get to the dealership the unit that we want was actually sitting right up front and we go over to it and look.  It is in pretty decent shape - there are some things  that I am not real happy with - but nothing that would be a deal breaker IF the price was right (stained carpet, a tear on one of the seat supports, no TV, no bed linens).

Finally a salesman shows up and Dan plays his little game.  We look at several different units, but always go "back" to the unit that we went up there to see.  I just keep my mouth shut.  At some point, I don't remember exactly when, Dan comes clean - and tells him what unit we want, that we have been full time RVer's, and we know what we are doing (yeah, right on that one).  We go into the sales office - Dan tells the poor guy (who is new to RV sales) that he doesn't want to "Play the game" - he is going to make an offer and that's going to be it.  Now, Dan actually makes an offer (I told you that this is going to cost me money), but the offer includes tax, tag, and title - in other words - out the door- and it's less that the "sale price".  The salesman goes to his boss - who comes back with a price that is above what Dan has offered.  Dan says "I told you I don't play games - this is my offer, and that's it.  Thanks for your time."  We get up and walk out.

Now, I have been holding my breath the entire time.  We actually get in the truck and come back home with NO RV.  Does that mean Dan is not bored anymore?  Of course not, but maybe, just maybe it will be kept in check for a little while.  I'll keep you posted.

I am working on some ideas that might bring in some additional income - so just say a little prayer that if this is what the good Lord wants me to do this it will work out.  Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

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