Saturday, January 28, 2017

January Recap

Were has the month gone?  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was thinking about Christmas and now Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I was doing fairly well posting until I got sick with a cold.  Then I got better and oops - there it is again.  Anyway, I am on the up swing, I think - so let's see if we can recap the month.

I started going to Yoga the first of January.  I go twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday).  It might not be aerobic exercise, but I have really enjoyed going and I think it is good for balance.  I also volunteer at one of the gift shops at the Village Square on Wednesday mornings.  Also, I am now the Secretary on the Executive Committee for the Village - so that means I have meetings the Thursday of every month for the Executive Committee and a Membership wide meeting the third Thursday of every month.  Then I have to transcribe the notes from each meeting and put a recap in our local newspaper.  Now add on top of all this we both are having a lot of doctor's appointments.  Seems like we don't have time for anything else - but we do.

Monday I sat down and got the bills paid for the first of the month and made a menu plan for the month.  (I just do so much better if I have a plan).  We decided that we would only buy groceries for two weeks and made two trips every month instead of one big trip.

Tuesday was Yoga first thing in the morning and then I started on some cleaning out projects.  I know that you are suppose to wait for Spring Cleaning, but the weather has been pretty good and it was a really good time to get some things done.

The first Wednesday of the month we had dinner at Bud and Joyce's along with Neil and Carol and Dan and Kathryn.  It was a nice time with some good friends.  Thursday I started the day with blood work then Yoga at the community center.  Then, after lunch, it was off to the first Executive Committee meeting of the year.

Friday we went to the grocery store in Perry after a quick stop at Sonic for lunch.  

All during the week Dan had been working on the yard.  One of our friends came over with a tractor that had a root rake on the front.  He mostly worked on the back yard to get all the old roots and plants out.  When he left, the roots were gone but we had a mess.  So, another friend came over with his tractor that has a box blade on the front.  A couple of hours later and we have a flatter yard but still a lot of trash. 

The next step was to get some dirt/clay mixture delivered to give a good base for the patio stones to go back in.  We really wanted this to come directly off the back porch with just a very small step down.  So, we are working on the walkway from the back porch to the patio area.  Then we'll tackle the patio area.  Down the road we are planning on building a pergola here (hopefully later this spring - before it gets too hot).

In the meantime, I worked on raking the yard and getting all the trash that has accumulated in the yard out.  It took two days but I was able to get the front and back yards done.  (I still need to do the side yard, but I hope to get that done in the next week or so.)

Tuesday, the 10th, after Yoga I had a hair appointment.  Wednesday was working at the shop.  Thursday we had dinner at our friend's Carol and Neil before heading down to the Village Church for a program that is part of the Artist Series.  This month was the Annie Moses Band.  Carol and her sister had seem the band in November up in Shipsawana and loved them, so we were really looking forward to seeing them.  However, neither Carol and Neil nor Dan and I were impressed with the show they presented here.  Oh well,  we'll just know not to go next year.

Friday the 13th I had an appointment for my bone density test (was this an omen?)  Anyway, I started with the first bout of "the" cold over the weekend.  I was down the entire weekend, but was feeling better by Wednesday and was able to work my shift at the shop.  Thursday was the Membership Council meeting.  Friday we were suppose to go to Madison to another show (Ragtime and Boogie-Woogie at North Florida Community College) with dinner at Denny's before but Dan was not feeling well and I was starting to feel bad again.  So, no show or dinner.  I was suppose to take Mom to a quilt show in Trenton, but by Saturday morning I was quite sick AGAIN!  I called her because I was determined to take her, but she insisted that I stay home.  So after another weekend in bed I finally started feeling better by Tuesday just in time for Jessie's appointment with the vet.  (She is doing great!)

Wednesday was work at the shop and then Thursday we were in Lake City for Dan's appointment for his electrocardiogram. The last couple of days of the week we experienced beautiful weather - so we opened up the house hoping to air out all the germs and help us get over this junk!  I also got the results of my bone density test and have to see the doctor to see what our next step will be as the test was not good at all.  

This weekend we have just been trying to get over this cold.  The weather has turned cold and we are enjoying sitting in the family room in front of the fire.  Next week I have a doctor's appointment in Gainesville - so it all starts again.

Hopefully, in the next few days we will be both be over this cold and we will be done with doctor's appointments (although Dan has three doctor's appointments in February and I have one.  Oh the joys of getting older, but it is better than the alternative!)

Hope you had a good month - and have stayed well!  Talk to you later!!!!

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  1. Hopefully you can shake that cold for good soon my friend. It's sounds like you stayed pretty busy despite of it. Nice to hear that living in the village is good, hopefully we find something as nice one we are ready to settle down for good.
    This winter has been pretty good so far, not too much snow and ice, which is good for driving and the bills :).
    I can't believe the first month of 2017 is already gone by. I worked a lot of overtime this month, maybe that's why. After a promotion at work I'm down to working 5 days a week now and potentially every 4. Saturday, but no more Sundays. It's nice to spend more time with the hubby, as he still works nights. Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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