Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Recap

Well, let's do a December Recap, shall we?  Things have finally calmed down, somewhat, around here so maybe, just maybe I can keep up on the blog.

In my last post I think I left you on December 4th - the day of Cookies and Cocoa at the neighbors.  Dan kept a pretty low profile the whole week with his knee.  We kept ice on it and I was rubbing it with some cream that has Lidocaine in it.  It seems to help but his knee was still swollen.

Wednesday I volunteered at the gift shop and then Thursday we had a street Christmas luncheon at the Community Center.  I fixed a turkey breast and some dressing.  There was a nice array of food and everything was delicious.  We also had a white elephant gift exchange - with nothing costing over $5.00.  You would be surprised that there were NO "gag" gifts. 

Friday we went to a production at the local Community College called "A Celtic Christmas" with our friends Carol and Neil and Neil's sister, JoAnne.  We stopped at Denny's for dinner before the show.  The show was not exactly what we expected and the guys were not that impressed, so we left at intermission.  We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home.  I'm still upset that they don't have the Snicker's Blizzard anymore, but I had a mini Banana Split Blizzard and it was okay.

Saturday morning I packed my suitcase and headed for Lakeland for the week.  I had Adalyn's third birthday (where does time go?) Saturday afternoon and week full of activities.

I arrived about thirty minutes before the party started - but Melissa had everything well in hand.  They had rented a bounce house for the kids to play in and had PLENTY of food for everyone. 

Just having way to much fun!

My lovely Lorelai just wanted to stay on the sidelines.

 I'm not sure what Ada was doing when her Daddy brought out the cake -
but she seemed to just want to get away from it.

But her big sister showed up and all was okay.

Every year, to set Ada's party apart from the Christmas decorations, my daughter does a garland of pictures of Adalyn taken through out the year.  It is a cute way to see how much she has grown and changed in a year.  She had a good time opening her presents and playing with all the friends that came to her party.

 Silly girl!

My daughter also made this cute "frame" to do pictures during the party - but forgot all about it with all the goings on.  So, we only have pictures of Lorelai and Ada using the frame.

Sunday was Ada's actual birthday - so we continued to celebrate with letting her pick what we had to eat all day.

Sunday night we went to the Festival of Lights presented by the church that the kids go to and where the girls go to daycare.  It was lovely, but it was also VERY crowded.

 We had already walked down this line, turned and had to walk all the way back, turn and walk about half way back again before we could even get in.

 Finally inside!

 Ada in the "snow"

 She wasn't real sure about this at all!

 Lorelai LOVED playing in the "snow"!

Well, this has turned into a very picture heavy post and I'm not even half way through the month.  So, I will close for today and be back in the next couple of days for the next installment!

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  1. Happy New Year! We had a quiet start with only our daughter being with us. Christmas it was the 5 of us as usually, which was wonderful. When I look at your pictures I compare the weather, people out in shorts and green grass. We are waiting for the next storm coming weekend with up to 25 cm (10 inches) of snow in the forecast. Between that and temperatures in the mid 40's work is crazy busy, so many people are sick. We did good so far, no major colds. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Hugs, Sue


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