Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Day

Well, I didn't quite make this post as soon as I thought.  Everything was going well until I decided to catch another cold.  This thing is everywhere in the Village, but I was hoping that I wouldn't catch it.  Nope, not to be.  Anyway, I am feeling some better today and thought I should get this post knocked out so I can start posting about the new year.

So,  Saturday morning we were up and ready to get things packed and get the car loaded.  We decided to take my car instead of the Dan's truck because it gets better gas mileage and it would give Jessie more room since we could put our luggage (which consisted of two overnight bags) and all the gifts in the trunk and Jessie would have the entire back seat for herself.  Plus we wouldn't have to worry about someone seeing the presents in the back seat and breaking into the truck if we made a pit stop.

We split up driving down - Dan drove first and then I took over after leaving the interstate heading for Lakeland.  We stopped at the hotel and checked in as we had to drive right by it on the way and it made things so much easier when we came back home Christmas Eve night.

We arrived at the kids house around 4 and visited with everyone.  Crystal was there as well as the Donnie and Emily. 

Melissa had dinner catered but we weren't going to eat until they got home from church.  I helped Melissa get the girls ready for church, but Dan and I stayed at the house and did not attend.

 Getting ready to "twirl"

Such pretty girls.

Donnie, Crystal, and Emily went to Olive Garden to pick everything up (of course, they screwed up the order, but Melissa would have to deal with that later, as they closed at 7:30).  There was plenty of food - three different types of pasta, three different meats and sauces, salad, and three different types of cheesecakes.   Justin's parents and sister with her family came over after church and we all sat down and had a great meal together.  The kids ate on the back porch (three older kids and Lorelai and Ada) and the adults ate inside.

After eating Justin's family left and Dan and I got ready to go to the hotel.

First we watched the girls open their Christmas Eve present - new pajamas and a new movie to watch.

Here's my adorable Ada-Bear 
While Lorelai loved the PJ's she wouldn't wear the tutu or
let me take her picture.

Dan and I had to leave Jessie at the kids house and then we headed to the hotel.  I slept okay (but I had brought my pillow from home).  We were up pretty early (6ish) and headed out the door around 6:30.  We got to the house before the girls were up.

Hard and fast asleep!
So sweet.
Melissa went in and woke the girls up after everyone got to her house - Dan and I, her Dad - Donnie, and her half sister - Emily. Her sister - Crystal - was staying with them in "Nana's" room.

After taking a few minutes to wake up in there mommy's lap the girls were ready to see what Santa had brought them.

New bikes for both the girls!
Then it was time for the stockings!

The girls "only" received a few things from Santa - their bikes, three wrapped presents, and their stockings.  Everything else came from their parents, grandparents, or Aunts.
(Everything under the tree is only from our "side" of the family - they went to Justin's parents house later in the day)

Now I could add a hundred pictures (yes, I think I really took that many), but I won't.  I'll just add a few.

Ada decided she needed to take a break and eat.

After everything was opened the kids got dressed and went to Justin's parents house.  Before they left I took a picture of the living room.  It was twice this when they came home.  LOL!

After they left I wondered where Dan had disappeared to.

This is where I found him.

After his little nap we left the kids house and went over to Dan's oldest daughter's house.  We visited with her family for a little while and then we went back to the kids house.  We were suppose to have Chinese and game night - well, we had the Chinese but Dan was tired and so we didn't stay for the game night - I think Melissa was a little upset with us -but Dan had not slept well the night before and we had to drive home the next day.

Anyway, we went back to the hotel and tried to relax a little - I think Dan slept a little better Christmas night, but I didn't sleep that well.  Such is the life of staying in a hotel.  (I don't remember ever having trouble sleeping when I was younger, but I don't do well in any bed but my own.  Guess that's one of the reasons we like to have a camper - doesn't matter where you are you still have your own bed.)

The morning of the 26th we met Dana and her family as well as Cara and her son at a local breakfast place, ate and visited for a while.  Then we went to Melissa's to pick up Jessie and tell everyone goodbye.  After a quick trip back to Dana's to pick up a Fitbit we were on the road for home.

We had an awesome Christmas (Dan and I had opened our gifts at home before leaving for Lakeland on Christmas Eve day).

I tried to limit the number of pictures I shared today - as I said I could have downloaded 100's of pictures, but I think you see how much fun the girls had and that we all had an awesome time.

Hope you enjoyed a little of our family Christmas.

Later in the week I'll try and get you caught up on the last week of December and the first couple of weeks of January!

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