Friday, January 6, 2017

December Recap Part 2

Hello again!  Don't faint, but I am back with two posts in one week!  How did that happen?????  I did say that I would post the rest of the December recap and here I am - are you ready???

I ended my last post with our trip to Fantasy of Lights on Sunday night.  Monday my daughter went to work and the girls went to school.   I headed out shopping, but I was to meet Melissa at their house around 2 so we could take cupcakes to Adalyn's class for one last round of celebrating her birthday.  When we got to school, Lorelai's teacher said that Lorelai had been asleep (unusual for her, but I thought she was just tired from the full weekend).  We woke her up in her class and headed to Ada's class for the cupcake celebration.  All of Ada's class was happy to eat all the sugar sweetness - but Lorelai didn't want hers.  (red flag number two)  The entire time we were in Ada's class Lorelai kept saying she was cold even though she had on her little jacket (red flag number three).  As we were putting the girls in the car I thought Lorelai felt a little warm and mentioned it to Melissa - and when we got home Lorelai wanted to go to bed and wanted to get under the blankets.  Melissa took her temperature and it was only around 99.  An hour later she took it again and it was over 104....  Then she started throwing up!

Well, to make this long story somewhat shorter - she was sick all week - wouldn't eat anything until Friday and drank very little.  Melissa's sister-in-law works for the girls doctor so she called and got some medicine - for the throwing up, but it just had to run it's course.  Melissa was able to work from home and I still was able to finish up my shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings but I stayed home with Lorelai Thursday and Friday.  Since she was feeling better on Friday Melissa decided that she could be in the program at school (the reason I stayed all week) with Ada.

Ada's new thing is putting her head over on her shoulder.
Don't know where that came from.

The program was cute, but it was super crowded.  The only place for us to sit was in the balcony so the pictures are not that great as they were taken with my phone (forgot to bring my camera). 

Ada's class sang 'Santa Claus is coming to town'.

See her in her sparkly red dress right there in the center?

 After each class finished the kids were released to their parents.  Justin went down and got Ada, but she started crying.  She cried and cried.  I got her and took her around the corner and asked her what was wrong.  She wanted to go back on stage and sing some more.  I explained to her that she had already had her turn and now it was the other kids turn and their parents wanted to see the others sing too.  That seemed to satisfy her and she quit crying and went down to be by her mom while we waited for Lorelai's class.

Lorelai's class did "Mr. Grinch".  It's a little hard to see Lorelai, as she is on the back row, but she is right in front of one of the teachers.

 Sorry this is so blurry.
I think she did an awesome job for being out all week and missing
all the practice time.

After the program Santa was in the lobby for the kids to visit along with some refreshments.  The girls wanted to see Santa, so Melissa and I stood in line in a very crowed lobby.  All of a sudden Ada decided she needed to go to the potty - so Melissa got out of line to take here.  As  Melissa was washing her hands Ada darted out of the bathroom and the door closed on her thumb.  She was screaming and Melissa thought she had broken her thumb!  Well, a trauma nurse just happened to be right there - she looked at Ada's thumb, sent her kids for ice, Melissa said she put her thumb back in place, and then she stopped and prayed right there.  Ada immediately calmed down.  Her poor little thumb was twice the size of the other and she didn't want anything to do with Santa after that.
 Melissa and Lorelai

 Talking to Ada - trying to get her to come see Santa.

 Ada not a fan.
(and you can tell that Lorelai was wiped and ready for bed)

 Poor little Ada-Bear.
She didn't want anything to do with that man!

Her poor little thumb.
And Lorelai was just worn out - she fell asleep in her car seat on the way home and the kids only live about 10 minutes from the church.

Anyway, we went home and put the girls to bed - I told them goodbye as I was leaving the next morning for home, but I said that I would be back the next weekend with "P".

I was up and on the road early the next morning - before anyone in the house was up except Justin.  Got home early in the afternoon and after resting for a little while, Dan and I got in the truck and headed for Sam's in Valdosta.  We were having an open house on Tuesday and needed to get what we could and still give me time to go into town for anything that wasn't at Sam's.

My oldest daughter came in on Monday and she was a tremendous help to me on Tuesday getting ready for the Open House.  I don't think I could have done everything without her help.  Following are pictures of the house and tables before people starting coming.

Crystal kept on eye on all the tables and replenished the food as needed so I could greet and talk to our guests.
We had an awesome time but BOY was I tired when the last couple left at around 8:30.  Crystal was a God send once again with helping clean up and she did all the dishes and let me go in and put my feet up.

Wednesday morning I worked my shift at the gift shop in the Village Square.  Dan and Crystal came down to visit for a few minutes, while Dan returned some of the items that I borrowed for the Open House (coffee urn, punch bowl etc.).  After work we had some lunch then Crystal was ready to head down to Lakeland to her sister's.  I wished her safe travels and that we would see her on Saturday.

Thursday was gift wrapping day.  Dan set up a folding table for me in the family room - put in 'Miracle on 34th Street' and I started the wrapping journey.  It only took two movies to get everything done.

 Here's a couple of the tree all lit at night.

I love pictures of the Christmas tree lit with no other lights on.

Well, once again I have bombarded you with a picture heavy post and I haven't done Christmas day yet.

So, I think I will do one more post of just Christmas.

Maybe tomorrow????

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  1. Well, I didn't faint, but I smiled big when I saw you posted again! I'll have lots of time to read about Christmas, they increased the snow amount prediction to 12-15 inches. Hopefully tomorrow there will be only good news, poor girls. They do look so grown up now. The house looked beautiful for the open house. Hugs, Sue


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