Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rocking the Baby Bump

Well, this is my first post of my daughter's "baby bump"!  She has really started to show in the last couple of weeks - actually since Thanksgiving.  At Thanksgiving she just had this little bump - tonight she came over for dinner and pulled up her sweat shirt and I went - "Wow!"  I need to take a couple of pictures and start keeping track of the progress.  She made me promise not to post any of her full body - she says that she doesn't look good after being at work all day - I think she is beautiful!

I think the last time I posted we were talking about her morning sickness - well, we might have that under control.  She still gets sick sometimes, but not every day - and she is hungry all the time.  She is getting to eat a more (and eating strange things!) and I think she is feeling better.  Hopefully, we can keep the morning sickness under control - since we are almost at three months now!  I'll keep you posted - and keep pictures coming.

I've been really busy with getting things ready for Christmas - I'll post pictures of the decorations tomorrow and talk about some of the gift ideas that I have done a little later in the week.

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