Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Finally Have a Clean Garage!

For those of you that know me - you know that I can only stand a mess for so long before it absolutely drives me nuts.  Case in point, does anyone remember my blog on the 'pile of dirt' in our back yard? This is the pile of dirt before ---------

and this is where the dirt was after we finally got it all spread - several months later!
Well, a couple of months ago I said that I wanted to get the garage cleaned up.  I have walked through the mess in the garage for months - really ever since we started the remodeling project on the house back in April.  So, in August I said enough is enough - we have to get this cleaned up. 

This is what the garage looked like after a week of work.

The above picture is Dan's work area of the garage.  In case you don't know, Dan does quite a bit of wood working around the house asnd I really do appreciate all the work he does.  However, the problem that I have is, after he finishes a project, he never puts things away.  (Which really doesn't make any sense to me, as he gets really frustrated when he can't find stuff when he starts to work on the next project!)  He even admits that, if he has a flat surface, he feels like it is his duty to cover it up with junk "stuff".  That drives me NUTS!

Anyway, this is the rest of the garage, after a week of work -------
A little better than the "workshop" area, but not what I wanted - and certainly not really CLEAN AND ORGANIZED
Some things we knew would go into the garage sale (which we have NOT had yet).  But, things were starting to get a little better.

Well, these pictures were taken in August - and then things just didn't seem to get any better. 

That is, until this past weekend.  We went to a couple of garage sales and found some shelving units - plus we found some on clearance sales at Walmart.  So, we started working in the garage again - and I must say that things are looking much, much better! 

We still have to have the firewood for the fireplace - although the way the weather has been I don't think we will be using that much of this stack this year!  And we did sell my car - but we have to have a place for Dan's motorcycle - which we have not sold yet - but that's a whole other story!  See our "garage sale" signs - we are ready with the signs - and hope to have that sale in January.

I think you can see that things are sooooo much neater, cleaner, and more organized now then they were in the earlier pictures.  There are still some things here that we will get rid of after the first of the year and I hope to get some more crates that I can label and put on the shelving units.  The crate on the bottom shelf on the left is all baby clothes - so IF the new grandbaby is a girl we have a lot of clothes for the kids to go through.  IF "we" are having a boy - then all these clothes will either go to Dan's great-granddaughter - or the garage sale.  The cardboard box is for a Christmas present - so it will be gone too. 

 I am so happy with the way things are looking!

See how clean everything is?  Doesn't it look pretty?

Well, not everything.

We still have Dan's work area ------------------
I don't think that this area will EVER be clean.  We are still talking about some ways to clean this area up - we still have not gotten his workbench - which will go where the big metal cabinet is.  The metal cabinet will move over to the far wall.  I think that we can get this are a little straighter, but it will never be as clean as the area that is in the other pictures.

I wish that I could have a garage that is as clean as one of my friends, Donna's, garage is - but that will never happen.  Dan uses our garage as his shop because we don't have anywhere else for him to work.  So, I will just have to learn to live with it.  As long as I can keep the other area clean I guess I can learn to live with this part being messy.  That is just a part of life - and I sure do like it when Dan can complete a project for me - so I really shouldn't complain (but that isn't going to happen).

Oh well!

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