Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 7

Well, we have survived another week without electricity in the kitchen! In fact, we didn't have anyone here working until Friday - and then it was the plumber. However, the plumber did finish everything he had to do (we think - we are not sure if we ran the line for the ice maker on the refrigerator or not) - and he got the vanity in the master bathroom set. I even have water in the kitchen and have a kitchen sink now!

Speaking of the kitchen - I also have my granite counters installed. They were installed on Thursday afternoon (a little later than we thought it would be, but heh- they are installed)! Now, I have to seal them - we went to Lowes Friday night and bought the sealer - I just haven't had a chance to put it on the counter tops yet - that is on my list of things to do tomorrow.

We also got the washer and dryer installed Saturday afternoon. Justin came over and helped Dan put them up on the pedestals and get them hooked up. I am so excited - I actually got all our laundry done Saturday evening before I went to bed. I am really happy with the way they are working so far. As I said, after Dan and Justin installed them, YAHOO!!!!

Dan and I have spent most of today unpacking things and putting things away. Oh, which reminds me - the bedroom furniture came on Tuesday along with some of the living room furniture and the recliners, bar stools for the kitchen, and the headboard for the bedroom will be delivered this coming Tuesday.

The electrician is coming tomorrow - so, hopefully, we will have a fully functioning kitchen tomorrow night and I will actually be able to cook dinner in my house. Plus I hope to be able to use the dishwasher and get all the dishes that have been in the cabinets in the garage washed and put away. I have washed some things by hand the last couple of days, but I would really like to use the dishwasher.

Dan has just about got the closets finished - I have spent some time during the last week washing all the wire shelving that goes in the closets. I think that he still has a couple of shelves to put up in the guest room closet and then we need to buy some more supports for the shelves that we are using in the master.

We have to take my mom up to Plant City on Wednesday to pick up some flooring that she is going to have installed in her family room and sewing room. Then we are hoping to go to IKEA and pick up some organizing items for the kitchen and a couple of other things that we want maybe Thursday or Friday. It is coming together - we still have a lot of unpacking and putting things away - but that light it definitely getting brighter.

I'll post pictures soon. Take care and have a good week!

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